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SAMS’ Resume Evaluation Service 

(Max Your Application for PH, Development &/or CSR Jobs!)


SAMS’ Resume Evaluation Service has been used by more than 100 satisfied jobseekers, to date.

More than 70% subscribers have found our inputs to comprise breakthrough, take-away insights, that have made a permanent contribution to the way in which they apply for jobs.

Key steps of our resume evaluation process comprise the following:

(1) Construction of an assessment matrix* for the job you wish to apply for, customizing templates that we routinely use in consultation with progressive organizations in the social sector. (Note: Our matrices consider and assign scores to qualifications, experience, skills and key job responsibilities, apart from the look and feel of both the resume and cover letter)
(2) Careful review and match-up of your resume and award of scores to each parameter listed in the assessment matrix
(3) Justification of scores awarded alongwith suggestions for improvement
(4) Practical suggestions for improving the look, feel and impact of your resume and cover letter
(5) Hands-on, formatting improvements to your resume
(6) Provision of sample formats of resumes and cover letters for your reference.

* Our assessment matrix serves like a cheat sheet, anticipating the impact your present application is likely to have on the hiring organization.

Most subscribers are able to replicate our process and approach to future vacancies they wish to apply for.

We Study Your Resume and Assess the Likelihood of Your Being Shortlisted

SAMS’ experience of providing recruitment support to bilaterals, UN Agencies and premier I/NGOs for the past 18 years and assessing literally tens of thousands of resumes, suggests that less than 15% of these are responsive to the needs of the hiring organization

Only the top 15 to 20 applications (approx 8% of response), are likely to be looked at closely by the Hiring Manager and only the top 5 to 10 candidates (approx 3% of response), called for interview.

Hiring organizations today undertake formal and in-depth assessments of applications and it is clear that significant care and attention needs to be invested in the preparation of your resume and cover letter.

SAMS believe that both resumes and cover letters need to be constructed afresh for each job applied for. Regrettably, there is no generic template that can be recycled from job to job. We fear it is this lazy, ‘recycling’ approach to applying for jobs, that is predominantly responsible for your poor success in getting called for interviews.

Our service focuses on content (and not aesthetics), analyzing and formally scoring your resume vis-a-vis the vacancy requirements, using assessment matrices popular with the more progressive organizations in the social sector.

We pinpoint all job parameters for which your application is not fully responsive to the hiring organization’s requirements and need attention and rework to enhance impact, improve scores and get shortlisted for a final interview.

Please note that our service is geared to help you successfully apply for a specific job. We do not help make ‘general’ improvements to your resume and cover letter.

High-Level Content of Resume Evaluation Service

High-level content of our resume evaluation service is described below:

Output/ Session
(1) Analysis of job proposed to be applied for
(2) Match-up of resume and cover letter vis-à-vis job requirements
(3) Score-based assessment of resume; Identification of strengths and weaknesses
(4) Suggestions for improving resume assessment scores
(5) Feedback on look and feel of resume and cover letter; Suggestions and templates for improvement
(6) Formatting improvements to resume
(7) Telephonic interaction to discuss suggestions for improving resume assessment scores

Charges for Resume Evaluation

We have differential charges for junior and senior job seekers, as follows:

Junior Job Seekers (Rs.)
Senior Job Seekers (Rs.)
Resume and Cover Letter Evaluation
Continue to package selection and payment

Junior Job Seekers: 0 to 59 months work experience;
Senior Job Seekers: 60 months work experience and/or more

It should be noted that our inputs have a specific and limited purpose: we review your resume and cover letter from the perspective of the hiring organization and make multiple suggestions to help improve your resume assessment scores.

We make no claims about the consequent improvements resulting in your being selected for interview.

Details of What You Get

Details of what to expect at each stage of resume evaluation are provided below:

Output/ SessionDescription
(1) Analysis of job proposed to be applied for(a) We shall commence the service with a detailed analysis of the job you propose to apply for covering Key Qualifications, Experience, Skills and Attributes prescribed by the hiring organization, Key Responsibilities, etc.
(b) We shall determine specific requirements with respect to the contents of the cover letter, prescribed for the position, if any
(c) We shall carefully review the vacancy notice to see if there are any special requirements or submissions to accompany the application
(d) The above shall be incorporated into a proprietary, but customized,  excel-based  screening and appraisal (SAP) matrix,  that we shall construct specifically for the vacancy
(2) Match-up of resume and cover letter with vacancy(a) We shall next carry out a detailed match-up and assessment of your resume and cover letter, with key responsibilities and job requirements
(b) The match-up shall cover a range of parameters including qualifications, functional experience, supervisory and managerial experience (if required) and familiarity with key responsibility areas
(3) Score-based assessment of resume vis-à-vis job requirements; Identi-fication of strengths and weaknesses(a) Match-up scores as above, shall be input into our appraisal template, expressing our assessment in quantitative terms
(b) The template shall highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your candidature, providing an explanation for all parameters for which you were given a low score
(4) Suggestions for improving resume assessment scores(a) The template shall incorporate appropriate recommendations for improving your resume assessment scores, in so far as possible
(b) These shall be based on information gaps evident from your resume and cover letter, which we believe could have been better addressed
(c) We welcome telephonic interaction with applicants to explain our recommendations 
(5) Feedback on look and feel of resume and cover letter; Suggestions and templates for improvement(a) Along with the detailed match-up and assessment of your resume and cover letter, we shall review their look and feel, covering parameters such as formatting, visual aesthetics, grammar, comprehensiveness and impact
(b) We shall make basic formatting improvements to improve the look and feel of your resume. These relate to layout, font used, corrections to spellings and grammar mistakes but do not extend to content generation or even rewriting
(c) We shall make suggestions to improve the structure and content of your resume, to enhance responsiveness and impact. These changes will have to made by you
(d) Our suggestions shall include the provision of standard templates to improve the look and feel of your resume and cover letter
(6) Telephonic interaction to discuss suggestions for improving resume assessment scores(a) We shall schedule a brief tele-interaction to discuss and validate the contents of the SAP template shared with you
(b) A key objective of the interaction shall be to validate suggestions for improving resume assessment scores made by us at step (4) above

Turn-around Times

We expect to be able to commence service within two days of registration and payment. Assessment and feedback on resumes and cover letters are normally provided within 48 to 72 hours of your sharing these documents with us.

Mismatched Applications

We find that the experience and skill sets of a few subscribers to be significantly mismatched with the job they wish to apply to.
Such subscribers score poorly in the assessment matrix and there is next to nothing that we can recommend that will improve their scores meaningfully to enable their serious consideration by the hiring organization.
We give forthright feedback on mismatch and our inability to make constructive suggestions in such cases. However, since the evaluation nevertheless takes us two to three hours to carry out, we do not make a refund in such cases. 


SAMS is focused on assisting candidates seeking employment in the public health, development and corporate social responsibility sectors. We do not presently provide resume evaluation services to candidates seeking work outside of these sectors.

We also do not provide resume evaluation services to candidates seeking to apply for vacancies that have been mandated to SAMS to fill.

SAMS does not provide resume writing or resume preparation services.

We provide analytical insights and suggestions for enhancing the impact of your resume and cover letter in the context of a specific job application. We believe that the job-seeker is best advised to affect improvements her/him self.

Refund Policy

We do not refund subscriptions.

Price Revisions

We expect current pricing of our resume evaluation service to be maintained till June 30, 2015.

Registration and Payment

Complete payment will have to be made for the pack you are interested in by credit/debit card or internet banking, before you are enrolled for resume evaluation.

Contact Us

(1) Email:

(2) Our tele numbers*:


* Our hours of work are 0900 to 1900 hours. We are closed on the second and fourth Saturday of every month and on national public holidays.

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