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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finance Manager - STIR Education (Apply by: 13 Apr 2014)

STIR Education

Job Description: Finance Manager – Delhi, India

About STIR Education

Over the last decade, substantial progress has been made across the developing world in improving access to education. Yet such improvements in access and resources have not been matched with an equivalent increase in education quality and outcomes. Over three hundred million children across the developing world are now in school but simply not learning. Adults are responsible for this crisis, not children. We know that the single biggest determinant of a child’s success in school – and therefore in future life – is the quality and commitment of his or her teacher. And yet one in four of India’s approximately 8 million teachers are absent on any given school day. Even when they are in school, only half of their time is actually spent teaching - and even that is half-hearted and usually of poor quality. Professional morale and motivation could not be much lower.
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