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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Manager HR - Population Foundation of India (Apply by: March 27, 2016)

Manager HR, Population Foundation of India, New Delhi

1. POSITION VACANT: Manager HR, Population Foundation of India, New Delhi
Population Foundation of India (PFI) is a respected Indian non-profit at the forefront of policy advocacy and research on population issues in the country. PFI was established in 1970 by a group of socially committed industrialists, led by Mr. J R D Tata and Dr. Bharat Ram.
Initially focused on promoting family planning to usher in the small family norm, PFI today works on a wider canvas that includes population stabilisation and sustainable development, with a gender-sensitive and rights-based approach.
PFI partners with the Indian government, collaborating with central, state and local government institutions for the formulation of gender sensitive population, health and development policies and their implementation. 
Working with NGOs, PFI reaches out to the underserved and the unserved areas of the country, with a special focus on the eight Empowered Action Group (EAG) states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Friday, February 19, 2016

HR Executive - Going to School (Apply by: February 25, 2016)

HR Executive, Going to School, New Delhi

1. POSITION VACANT: HR Executive, Going to School, New Delhi
Going to School (GTS) is an award winning, creative, not-for-profit education trust that creates design-driven stories, to empower all children with the skills they need to participate in the world around them, solving poverty, unemployment and inequality.
GTS imparts entrepreneurial skills to government school children, through the art of storytelling with the help of books, games and activities designed by GTS. School teachers are trained by GTS to impart these skills. GTS’s curriculum has been widely recognised and has also been included in NCERT at the national level. GTS is working closely with the Government of Bihar and Jharkhand. GTS has an MOU to work in 3,000+ Government schools by 2018.
For more information about the organization, please visit

Reporting to the Manager HR, the HR Executive shall provide operational support to ensure the effective functioning of GTS’s human resource systems, gaining a unique opportunity to shape the growth of the organization. Attention areas shall include recruitment, managing staff contracts, staff orientation and performance management.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Director (Strengthening Human Resource Management) - UNDP (Apply by: December 05, 2015)

Location :
New Delhi, INDIA
Application Deadline :
Additional Category
Type of Contract :
Service Contract
Post Level :
Languages Required :
Duration of Initial Contract :
One Year (extendable)

Under a Government of India – UNDP project “Strengthening Human Resource Management of Civil Services” services of a Director, who will head the National Centre for Leadership Development & Competency Assessment, LBSNAA (Mussorie), are required. The project is collaborating with the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in implementing leadership development activities. As the apex training institution for the civil services, LBSNAA provides foundation training to the officers of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and allied All India Services. The Director- NCLDCA will work under the overall direction of the Vice-Chairman of NCLDCA and the Governing Body.
Management Arrangement:
·        The Director- NCLDCA will work under the overall direction of the Vice-Chairman of NCLDCA and the Governing Body;
·        The Director- NCLDCA will be initially supported by one Research Analyst and one.

Monday, September 21, 2015

State Project Manager (HR) - APRIGP (Apply by: October 05, 2015)


State Project Manager (HR)

Andhra Pradesh Rural Inclusive Growth Project (APRIGP),
Andhra Pradesh Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty
(AP-SERP), Hyderabad

1. POSITION VACANT: State Project Manager (HR)

2. ORGANISATION BACKGROUND: The Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) was established by the Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) as the primary support structure to facilitate poverty reduction through social mobilization and improvement of livelihoods of the rural poor in Andhra Pradesh. SERP works on a comprehensive multi-dimensional poverty alleviation strategy by focusing equally on Livelihoods and Human Development. The fundamental unit of development at SERP is the rural poor households and all interventions of SERP strive to achieve essentially two outcomes- sustainable per capita household incomes of Rs. 100,000/- per annum from multiple livelihoods sources and improved Human Development Indicators. Operating on the fundamental premise that empowerment and participation are the crux of development, SERP works through community-based organizations to address poverty eradication.
For more information about SERP, please visit
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