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Sunday, January 12, 2014

National Procurement and Logistics Coordinator (NPLC) - PHFI

Location : Delhi

Job Description: The National Procurement and Logistics Coordinator (NPLC) will function at NACO, HQ, in close coordination with Project Directors of ‘State AIDS Control Societies’ (SASCSs) and Regional Procurement & Logistics Coordinators. The NPLC will report to the Director Procurement & Administration at NACO, HQ.


The responsibilities of the NPLC are: 

1. To provide support to efforts of NACO/ SACS in capacity building of SACS.
2. Build capacity of SACS and peripheral staff on forecasting, allocation & procurement. 
3. Conducting training for SACS procurement and stores officials in procurement and inventory management function in coordination with Regional Coordinators.
4. Prepare procurement plan and Annual Action Plans (AAPs).
5. Provide guidance to Programme Division of ‘Information, Education and Communication’ (IEC) and ‘Targeted Intervention’ (TI) division in preparing TOR, performance requirements for consulting and non-consulting services required as per AAPs. 
6. Assess storage/ warehousing requirements of the supplies procured centrally by NACO.
7. Maintaining list of drugs, kits and other medical supplies delivered for use at various units (ICTC / PPTCTC / Blood Banks / ART Centers).
8. To monitor, report and provide oversight to the stock position of various items including indication of under-stocking / overstocking / expiry of goods to SACS based on the consumption pattern.
9. Acting as link between Procurement Agent/ Logistic Agency, Regional PLCs and SACSs for inventory management and relocation of goods wherever required.
10. Assist Procurement Agent in conducting post delivery inspection of drugs / Kits at regular intervals.
11. to gather and compile data of stock items from all the peripheral units (ICTCs, ARTCs, Blood Banks etc.) and SACS in all the 38 States / UTs.
12. To gather information and monitor the inventory data regarding items where the expiry date is approaching (e.g. 4 months). 
13. To compile data of actual consumption of various items from the centers and help SACS/ NACO in forecasting the annual requirements.
14. Based on the information collected, coordinate to divert, in consultation with the concerned Project Directors, the stocks from the centers which have excess material to the centers where there is shortage. Similarly arrange to divert, in consultation with the concerned Project Directors, items with expiry date approaching to such centers where there is immediate or higher requirement for consumption.
15. To liaise with the Procurement agent/ Inspection Agency / and SACS regarding Supply Chain Management to coordinate and facilitate delivery, receipt and distribution of supplies.
16. To perform other related tasks as required. 

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