Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Regional Advisor (Human Resources For Health) - World Health Organization

Regional Advisor (Human Resources For Health)
Organization: World Health Organization
Location: New Delhi
Last Date: 16 March 2018


Currently, at least 130 million people in the Region lack access to one or more essential health services, and many more lack access to quality care. A key contributing factor is the shortage, maldistribution and uneven performance of health workers.

Health needs are also changing as populations' age and non-communicable diseases increase, and this has major implications for planning and managing the current and future health workforce. The overall objective of the Department of Health Systems Development is to strengthen health systems in order to make progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). UHC is a flagship priority of the Regional Office, and will be central to progress on the Sustainable Development Goal for Health. Health services cannot be delivered without health workers, and SEAR has committed to a Decade of Strengthening Human Resources for Health 2015-24, with a focus on transformative education and retention.

Within the Department, the responsibilities of the unit of Human Resources for Health are to support the 11 countries in the South-East Asia Region on HRH through


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