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Manager HR - Population Foundation of India (Apply by: March 27, 2016)

Manager HR, Population Foundation of India, New Delhi

1. POSITION VACANT: Manager HR, Population Foundation of India, New Delhi
Population Foundation of India (PFI) is a respected Indian non-profit at the forefront of policy advocacy and research on population issues in the country. PFI was established in 1970 by a group of socially committed industrialists, led by Mr. J R D Tata and Dr. Bharat Ram.
Initially focused on promoting family planning to usher in the small family norm, PFI today works on a wider canvas that includes population stabilisation and sustainable development, with a gender-sensitive and rights-based approach.
PFI partners with the Indian government, collaborating with central, state and local government institutions for the formulation of gender sensitive population, health and development policies and their implementation. 
Working with NGOs, PFI reaches out to the underserved and the unserved areas of the country, with a special focus on the eight Empowered Action Group (EAG) states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
PFI brings together professionals from the government, civil society, academia and the media and across sectors to discuss and debate issues related to family planning, maternal health, gender-based violence, community monitoring and urban health.
PFI has its headquarters in New Delhi and offices in Lucknow and Patna. PFI has a staff of over 60 professionals.
For more information about the organization, please visit

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Manager HR shall be responsible for the planning and execution of different human resources processes, as per organizational standards, ensuring the effective and efficient functioning of the department.
Key Responsibilities:

(A) Recruitment: Ensuring delivery of recruitment requirements of the program as per organizational standards.
(1) Working closely with the line managers to ensure that the minimum standards of recruitment process are followed;
(2) Providing support to recruiting managers in the longlisting process;
(3) Ensuring that pre-requisites for staff employment are completed after recruitment;
(4) Drafting offer letters and appointment letters as per standards.

(B) On-boarding: Ensuring that recruited staff are inducted into the organization and program to be able to perform in their respective roles.
(1) Working closely with the line managers for planning the induction schedule;
(2) Ensuring smooth induction for all new joiners;
(3) Liaising with line managers for probation confirmations/extensions.

(C) Learning and Development: Ensuring that learning and development needs of existing staff are recorded and addressed.
(1) Maintaining and updating the skills matrix;
(2) Developing trainings plans based on organizational requirement and individual needs.

(D) Performance Management: Supporting the Executive Director in implementing the performance management cycle within the organization as per policy and standards.
(1) Ensuringthat the performance management cycle is carried out smoothly;
(2) Coordinating closely with the Finance for the final changes in the pay based on the appraisal.

(E) HR Management Information System (HRMIS): Ensuring that the employee database provides all the information required by the management.
(1) Ensuring that the HRMIS is updated at all times;
(2) Ensuring that the database provides all information accurately for internal and external use;
(3) Providing critical information to employees or management for the organization as and when requested.

(F) HR Data Management: Proper digital management of all HR/ personnel records
(1) Ensuring that all personnel records are documented including on staff personnel file;
(2) Ensuring that post recruitment documents relating to recruitment are updated and filed in the recruitment file;
(3) Ensuring that soft copies of all HR related information and data is saved in the common drive and individual HR drive;
(4) Updating and maintaining HR drive on a regular basis.

(G) Leave Management: Managing staff leaves available to staff as required.
(1) Ensuring that staff is following the leave policy;
(2) Ensuring updated approved leave records in hard and soft copy;
(3) Ensuring that leave balance is updated and available at all times for staff and line managers;
(4) Providing the staff and the line managers their leave balance quarterly.

(H) Separation Process: Ensuring that separation process is followed as per HR policy and full and final payments and handover is done as per standards.
(1) Ensuring that staff leaving the organization are following the leavers HR policy in terms of leave, benefits and handover;
(2) Responsible for all documentation related to staff leaving;
(3) Ensuring that Finance department is informed of any and all staff leaving the organization;
(4) Processing all documents related to leaving for full and final settlement;
(5) Conducting exit interview analysis.

(I) HR Donor Requirement: Providing any HR information required by the donor.
(1) Maintaining and providing all HR related records, as per donor requirements.
(J) Administration: Providing seamless administrative support related to HR tasks and activities.
(1) Verifying overtime of support staff;
(2) Being responsible for any logistical/administrative requirements related to HR activities.
HR Policy & Processes: Ensuring uniform implementation of the HR policies and processes within the organization.
(1) Being a custodian of the organizations HR policy;
(2) Ensuring that the HR policy is implemented uniformly within the organization;
(3) Interpreting the HR policy for management/ staff if unclear;
(4) Building awareness around the HR policy;
(5) Suggesting changes to the Executive Director on the HR policy, as and when required.
Applicants must be Post Graduates in Human Resources Management, preferably MBAs with a specialization in Human Resources Management.

(1) Minimum of 10 years of relevant experience in Human Resources Management;
(2) Prior work experience in development sector is preferred;
(3) Knowledge of employee legislation in India;
(4) Experience of working in operational HR;
(5) Strong written and verbal communication skills;
(6) Knowledge of Microsoft Office.

(1) Effective influencing skills;
(2) Good interpersonal skills;
(3) Ability to work effectively in teams;
(4) Demonstrable people management skills;
(5) Ability to perform under pressure;
(6) Multitasking skills.

The gross remuneration budgeted for the position is Rs. 12-14.4 lacs per annum. Offers shall be commensurate with the qualifications, experience and salary history, of the selected candidate.
This is a core position with PFI. The successful candidate shall be issued a two-year contract, extendable based on performance.
7. LOCATION: New Delhi
Senior Consultant
Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
1/1B, Choudhary Hetram House, Bharat Nagar 
New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phones: 011-2684-2162; 011-4165-3612; 011-4101-1564 and 011-4101-1565

Eligible candidates interested in this position are requested to apply with a cover letter that highlights their motivation to apply and suitability for the position, their updated resume and three references, to the above email id, by or before March 27, 2016.

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