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State Special Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) Clinical Care and Follow up Coordinator - International Development Agency

1. POSITION VACANT: State Special Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) Clinical Care and Follow up Coordinator, International Development Agency, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Our client is a respected, International Development Agency, that works across the globe to promote children's survival, protection and development.
Project Background:

Government of Madhya Pradesh with technical support of IDA has invested heavily in strengthening facility based new born care in the State in last five years. This has resulted in establishment of 54 Special new born care units across the State. This rapid scale up has resulted in more than 94,000 new borns getting treated at these units in the year 2017. Currently the Clinical parameters are being recorded in the SNCU MIS. Key clinical areas like use of oxygen, antibiotics, and resuscitation protocols used need be observed through clinical case reviews and hands on mentoring support to improve quality of clinical care. Similarly, after discharge, the Sick newborns are supposed to come back to facility for five facilities follow ups at 7th day, 28th Day, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months of discharge. The ASHAs are also supposed to provide priority home visits (at least 6 visit) to sick newborns post discharge. Currently the facility follow- up rate is 50% for first follow up and it drops to less than 1% at 1 year follow up. Similarly, first home-based care visit is reported at 40% and drops to 33% for the last community visit by ASHAs post-discharge from SNCUs.
IDA has been the technical partner of the state in setting up these units since the establishment of first unit in Guna and Shivpuri in December 2007. Though the scale up and operational cost of each of these SNCUs is managed by Government of MP under National Health Mission, there is a need to support the State Government for monitoring the performance of these units to focus on better survival of new-borns. The state needs support to improve the quality of clinical case management and care of SNCUs, promote use of standard treatment protocols as well as ensure correct clinical data entry in case record sheets and SNCU online software. In addition, it is also important to ensure a system of regular clinical follow up of the newborn discharged from SNCUs and ensure the quality of follow up visits at the SNCU facility follow up and strengthen quality of community follow up visits. In addition, linkages between SNCU discharges and RBSK program need to be established to ensure a continuity of services for early childhood development. This requires strengthening of Clinical protocols, facility follow up OPDs and home-based care protocols, capacity building of SNCU staff and ASHAs to strengthen the clinical care, facility and home-based visit follow up protocols. It is essential to monitor and strengthen Point of Quality of Care Indicators (POCQI) to strengthen clinical care at SNCUs.
The State SNCU Clinical care and Follow up Coordinator will work with State NHM under the supervision of the Deputy Director Child Health to provide necessary monitoring and management support to ensure monitoring to strengthen quality of care of facility-based interventions provided in the units as well as to strengthen quality of facility and community follow up as per quality Standards.
Under the direct supervision of Mission Director, NHM, MP, and in coordination with the Deputy Director Child Health and technical coordination with Health Specialist, IDA, Bhopal Office of the International Development Agency, theState Special Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) Clinical Care and Follow up Coordinator (SNCUFC) shall be responsible for providing necessary monitoring and management support to ensure monitoring to strengthen quality of care of facility-based interventions provided in the units as well as to strengthen quality of facility and community follow up as per quality Standards.
Key Deliverables:
Technical area/ Subject
Report Submission
SNCU quality of clinical Care practices at SNCUs based on standard Clinical protocols and guidelines
Monitor Monthly SNCU Staff status of Skills based Trainings – Doctors, Nurses, Data Entry operators for telephonic counseling for SNCU follow up.
Review Clinical Parameters of key dashboard, Worst performing districts
Female Admissions among newborns data analysis- Review Worst performing districts
Monthly report

Friday of every week/ Monthly


Field trip reports, Field mentoring reports
Clinical Round reports at SNCUs with Paediatrican/MOs to review Clinical dashboard
Monitor quality of Skills based FBNC trainings at state level and PGIMER observership
Provide Support to SNCU staff with onsite mentoring post and PGIMER Chandigarh FBNC on management as per SNCU guidelines
Monthly & Quarterly (March, June, Sep, Dec)
Training reports. Feedback on training reports, Hands on training reports
SNCU Clinical Care practices
Field Visit to monitor placement of FBNC trained staff in SNCUs, Monitor SNCU functioning as per Guidelines on Vitamin K1, KMC, ANC Steroids, CPAP, Referral for ROP, Infection control and management practices
Field visit reports
Hands on Clinical Monitoring reports
Field visits to Medical College SNCUs
Field visits for mentoring SNCU nurses and staff in Medical College SNCUs
Field visit reports
Skills based training reports
Inj Vit K, ANC Steroids, KMC, Oxygen use, Antibiotic use, treatment of Extreme low birth weight, NSSK, CPAP, infection management – Needs based skills trainings at state, division and districts Strengthen Point of Quality Care Indicators (POCQI) monitoring at SNCUs
Friday of every week/ Monthly
Updates and Weekly  check reports
Labour Room reports on ANC steroids and WASH practices cross validated with SNCU data reports
ANC training reports – LR and SNCU staff and sub district – LR and NBSU, NBSU staff training reports
Birth dose of SNCU graduates, KMC, Labour Room, Paediatric care, Facility follow up
Coordination with RI, NBCC teams, Paediatric teams, ROP and RBSK teams to ensure quality referral and tracking on key essential practices Vit K1, ANC steroids, Birth dose, facility follow up
Share with RI cell and NHM data on 0 dose
SNCU graduates follow up-Community
Coordinate with SNCU staff, ASHAs and ANMs to share line list of discharged infants for follow up of SNCU graduates post discharge at community
Tele-counseling follow- up

SNCU data
Field Monitoring reports
Impact assessment to compare baseline of SNCU follow up Jan –Dec 2017 vs Endline 2018 Dec
SNCU graduates follow up facility
Monitor Facility follow up of SNCU discharged graduates in SNCU OPDs
Family care counseling package implementation reports from IDA 7 HPDs
IEC BCC posters on SNCU follow up, Discharge and referral slip,
Develop position paper for Wage compensation for SNCU for PIP admissions to strengthen duration of stay, maternity leave and IEC on JSSK referral transport up-to 1 year of age


Quarterly (March, June, Sep, Dec)
 Same as above Facility and Follow up reports – Baseline and end-line and Monthly progress reports

Infection Control and Sepsis management practices at SNCUs
Provide reports on Infection Control and WASH assessments in SNCUs and Labor Rooms – Assessment and Improvement reports.
Quarterly (March, June, Sep, Dec)
SNCU death analysis
Facilitate SNCU death analysis at Facility and Community and provide Cause of death analysis. Including Still birth and perinatal death reviews.
Monthly/ Quarterly (March, June, Sep, Dec)
State, division and IDA supported district reports
Death Review reports, Causality analysis reports at facility level
Field Monitoring of data management & data issues at SNCUs
Conduct field visits to various districts mainly poor performing districts for supportive supervision, monitoring data management, shorting out any data/software issues, validation checks, on job mentoring, etc.
Field visit reports
SNCU Accreditation visit reports
Review NNF accreditation visit reports regularly and provide feedback to the states.
SNCU monitoring checklist based monitoring
Quarterly (March, June, Sep, Dec)

Analyzed Accreditation field visit reports
Labour Room Newborn Corners (NBCCs) monitoring reports for co-located NBCCs in the SNCU for Inborn admissions clinical care data
NBCC monitoring reports from Labour Rooms
Feedback of Inborn babies shared with Maternal Health and OBGY team of district hospitals through regular review committee meetings

Field visit reports, Committee Meeting reports
ANC steroids use rate, Clinical case records, reports  for pre-term births at LRs- cross validated with SNCU data reports
SNCU Facility Follow up Training & mentoring & ROP progress reports
SNCU Facility Follow up Training reports, Mentoring Field Visit Reports

SNCU Facility Follow up Clinical protocols to be strengthened in 54 SNCUs- Draft SOP and Checklist – growth & nutrition screening and development delay assessment

ROP training and referral progress reports from the state.
Screening Assessment of SNCU admitted newborns in first 28 days linked with pre-discharge and post discharge with 28 days follow up

Training Reports
Mentoring Reports
Field visits reports
Draft SOP
SOP consultative review meeting reports with state pediatricians
State Ophthalmology society – partnership for ophthalmologists
skills trainings with Blindness control programme
Retinal screening case reviews and monthly reports and link with DEIC
State Perinatal Resource Centre
Identify Case management of State Perinatal resource centres in Bhopal- through series of technical meetings with AIIMS, Medical Colleges and JP Hospital, NHM and IDA
Meeting Minute reports
Field visits to identify space and staff allocation
Protocols for State Perinatal resource centres
Training reports for State perinatal resource centre staff
State coordination committee reports

Applicants must be MD Pediatrics/ DCH Pediatrics/ MD Community Medicine.
Minimum eight years' experience of working in MCH programmes/ SNCU/Newborn care/ MCH program management at district/state level.
Skills and Competencies:
(1) Good understanding of National Health Mission (NHM) programme planning process, Facility Based New Born care guidelines and experience of working with NRHM at District/State level is desirable;
(2) Knowledge and experience of Data Management and MIS Systems, Data Analysis, SPSS/Epi- Info and other systems would be an asset;
(3) Must be willing to travel extensively in the State;
(4) Proficiency in English and Hindi and MS Office related computers is essential.
The SNCUFC shall be hired on a consultancy contract through Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd. (SAMS), a respected HR Agency.
Professional fees of the selected candidate shall be Rs. 1,77,400/- per month for the period of the consultancy assignment. (Note: Subsistence, Mobility and Contingency support shall be separately provided, to address field travel and related costs incurred by the SNCUFC).
7. LOCATION: Bhopal with need base travel to field.
8. DURATION: The consultancy assignment will be effective from the date of joining till December 31, 2018.
Senior Consultant
Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
1/1B, Choudhary Hetram House, Bharat Nagar
New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phone Nos.: 011- 2684 2162; 4165 3612

Eligible candidates interested in this position are requested to apply to with a cover letter, discussing their interest in and suitability for the position, along with an updated resume, giving details of three references, current cost to organization and expected compensation, by or before July 15, 2018.

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