Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Marketing and Promotion Expert - IPE Global Limited (Apply by: June 30, 2016)

Job Title / Position:Marketing and Promotion Expert
Location :Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Type of Employment :Consultant ( Senior Level)
Last Date:30 Jun, 2016
Position – Marketing & Promotion Expert
Project Name: Project Management, Design and Supervision Consultant for Infrastructure Development Investment Program for tourism of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Board

About the Project:
The Infrastructure Development Investment Program for Tourism (IDIPT) envisages an environmentally and culturally sustainable and socially inclusive tourism development in State of Himachal Pradesh. The project uses a sector loan approach through a multitranche financing facility modality likely in five tranches planned from 2011-2020. The expected impact of the Project is sustainable and inclusive tourism development, in priority, State tourism sub circuits divided into marketable cluster destinations that exhibit enhanced protection and management of key natural and cultural heritage tourism sites, improved market connectivity, enhanced destination and site environment and tourist support infrastructure, and enhanced capacities for sustainable destination and site development with extensive participation by the private sector and local communities. The investment program outputs will be:
  • Improved basic urban infrastructure (such as water supply, sanitation, road and public transport, solid waste management, and environmental improvement) and incidental services (such as public toilets, street signage and lighting) at existing and emerging tourist destinations and gateways;
  • Improved connectivity to tourist attractions focusing on the improvement of last-mile connectivity;
  • Enhanced quality of natural and cultural tourist attractions to ensure convenience and safety for visitors;
  • Greater participation by local communities in tourism-related economic and livelihood activities; and
  • Strengthened capacity of concerned sector agencies and local communities for planning, development, management, and marketing of tourist destinations and attractions, and promoting
  • Private sector participation and small businesses.

Duration– 6 months (Intermittent) till 30 June 2017
Job Description:
  • Coordinate marketing and promotion component and specific actions required;
  • Assist the project in defining the media content on subproject sites, proposed themes being developed as part of the subprojects and more importantly on the tangible and intangible cultural heritage and nature and community based activities;
  • Selection of entities for preparation of media content and outputs;
  • In consultation with the Procurement Specialist procurement of services and goods relating to this activity;
  • Marketing plan for the heritage sites developed; and
  • Assist the project EA and IA in training for Tourism.

  • A degree in Tourism/ Communication/ Advertising/ Visual Arts with around 15 years’ experience in design and marketing of advertisement and promotional content for all types of media including the internet, preferably on Tourism or development.
  • Experience of work with a public agency would be important.

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