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CEmONC Mentor (Obstetrics) - CARE India

1. POSITION VACANT:  CEmONC (Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and New born Care) Mentor- Obstetrics, CARE India, Patna, Bihar
CARE India is a part of the CARE International Confederation working in 84 countries for a world where all people live in dignity and security.
CARE has been working in India for over 60 years, focusing on ending poverty and social injustice through comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response.

In India, CARE focuses on the empowerment of women and girls, because they are disproportionately affected by poverty and discrimination and suffer abuse and violations in the realisation of their rights, entitlements and access and control over resources.
For more information about CARE India please visit
A Memorandum of Co-operation (MoC) was signed between the Government of Bihar (GoB) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) in 2010, based on which BMGF agreed to provide technical support and assistance to GoB to improve Health and Nutrition outcomes across the State. As part of this MoC, a Technical Support Unit (TSU) was established in 2013, with CARE India as the lead development partner. The Bihar TSU supports the Health and Social Welfare (ICDS) Departments of the GoB in their endeavour to achieve rapid and sustainable change in health and nutrition status. The TSU especially targets the provision of technical support to GoI’s RMNCHA+A campaign, GoB’s Manav Vikas Mission Goals and Kala-Azar Elimination Goals, across the state.
This support extends across all hierarchies – from state-level support to the Health Department, ICDS Department and State Health Society of Bihar (SHSB), to District and Block-level support across all 534 blocks in the state.
As a part of the agreement between GoB and BMGFBihar TSU has established a State Resource Unit (SRU) and District Resource Units (DRUs) in all districts, to enable the provision of technical support. Each DRU functions as a platform to enable the structured delivery of program interventions and ensure alignment with government priorities. The DRUs help improve utilization/ alignment and synergy of resources like DPs at the district level, ensure data-driven management and help bridge communication gaps between the state and districts.
Reporting to Team Lead (Capacity Building), the CEmONC Mentor – Obstetrics (CMO) shall work in close collaboration with the other technical specialists at the SRU and play a crucial role in helping the CEmONCMentoring Programme for Obstetricians, Surgeons, nurses and other staff in public facilities, involved in maternal emergencies to upgrade their skills and facility for CEmONC level care.
The CMO will provide assistance, as part of the team for improving CEmONC level care at First Referral Units (FRUs) including District Hospitals. S/he will also provide leadership to the programme for mentoring doctors and nurses in FRUs/ DHs in improving the Quality of Care of CEmONC with emphasis on imparting of surgical skills, infection prevention and control, antenatal, intranasal and postnatal care, services planning, designing curriculum, content development, training delivery and documenting and reporting of training programs.
Key Roles and Responsibilities: 
(1) Training, hand-holding & supportive supervision of doctors and nurses from District Hospitals, CHCs and SDHs, in specific obstetric and neonatal care skills in the labor room , operation theatre and NBCC;
(2) Supportive supervision and monitoring of CEmONC Assistance Programme for Obstetricians and Lady Doctors working in Ob/Gyn Department and Nurses in District Hospitals, SDHs, RHs and feeder PHCs in early identification and precise and timely management of obstetrical emergencies, specifically in the labour room and operation theatres;
(3) Support DH staff to identify and lead obstetrical emergency response, including management of PPH, eclampsia, shock and other emergency procedures in order to train and build the confidence of mentors and local trainees;
(4) Clinical capacity building of doctors at DHs and BEmONC facilities, facilitating BEmONC workshops at districts, etc.;
(5) Support the Team Lead to modify, revise and amend mentoring strategy at the DH;
(6) Provide guidance and support to CEmONC Nurse Mentors posted in the DH;
(7) Serve as a resource and role model for mentoring teams on CEmONC Care;
(8) Support mentors in identifying solutions and strategies to tackle challenges arising with the CEmONCmentoring program;
(9) Facilitation of workshops organized by the team;
(10) Facilitate periodic, internal clinical capacity building of CTEs, CEmONC NMs, NMS, DTO-F, SPMT members etc.;
(11) Coordinate with Doctor Master Mentor –Obstetrics for their mentoring visits to various DHs;
(12) Support the Team Lead in preparing various progress reports and other programme documentation.
Qualification and Experience:
Applicants must be MBBS with a post-graduate degree/ DNB/ Diploma in Ob/Gyn, with at least two to three years of clinical experience in obstetrics in the area of Maternal and Child Health. Clinical skills must be current and up-to-date.
Desired Technical and Clinical Skills and Experience:
(1) Deep familiarity with concepts and practice of BEmONC/ CEmONC level care, as well as Family Planning procedures and services;
(2) Demonstrated experience in mentoring/ training of doctors/ nurses at facilities, as well as frontline workers of outreach programs;
(3) Working familiarity with the functioning of large-scale health training programs, such as SBA, NSSK, ASHA, etc.;
(4) Experience of organizing large-scale training programs, especially for doctors/ nurses;
(5) Familiarity with clinical and non-clinical training resources (persons and materials), available both within India and globally, for RMNCH programs;
(6) Demonstrated experience in working with PHCs and CHCs, preferably in Northern States of India;
(7) Experience of developing need-based capacity building curriculums at the project level.
Skills and Competencies:
(1) Skill and confidence in identification of obstetrical complications such as haemorrhage, prolonged labour, eclampsia etc. and experience of effective management of such complicated cases;
(2) Competent in the conduct of Vacuum-assisted delivery, Forceps delivery, Breech delivery, Lower Segment Caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia and blood transfusion using standardized protocols, conducting post-partum IUD insertion, mini-laparotomy/ tubal ligation using standardized protocols;
(3) Developing constructive and cooperative working relationships with CEmONC Assistance Teams, capacity-building teams and others and maintaining them over time;
(4) Monitoring and reviewing information from training, to assess problems;
(5) Evaluating Information to determine compliance with standards, using relevant information and individual judgment to determine whether training or processes comply with GOI guideline or standards;
(6) Proven ability to conceptualize, analyze, innovate, plan, write and execute ideas, as well as impart knowledge and skills;
(7) Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills;
(8) Patience and resilience required to handle adult learning;
(9) Ability to function effectively as a team member and respect diversity in a team;
(10) Fluency in English and knowledge of local working language (Hindi) is essential.
Gross compensation for the position is attractive. Please note that the offer shall be commensurate with the qualifications, experience and salary history of the selected candidate.
7. LOCATION: Patna, Bihar
Senior Consultant
Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
1/1B, Choudhary Hetram House, Bharat Nagar
New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phones: 011-2684-2162; 011-4165-3612;

Eligible candidates interested in this position are requested to apply to with a cover letter, discussing their interest in and suitability for the position, along with an updated resume, giving details of three references, current cost to organization and expected compensation, by or before September 16, 2018.

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