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Assistant Manager Procurement - Population Services International (PSI)



TITLE: Assistant Manager Procurement 


DEPARTMENT: Administration & Finance

REPORTS TO: Manager – A & F


GRADE LEVEL: V (Assistant Manager)

CATEGORY: Shared Services 

Population Services International is a registered Indian Society dedicated to the improvement of public health in India. PSI India’s mission is to empower the people of India to lead healthy lives. Over the past twenty five years, PSI has collaborated with the GoI and a number of donors to increase the use of modern contraception for family planning, to provide products and services for the health of mothers and children and to decrease the spread of HIV/AIDS. PSI harnesses the vitality of the private sector to address health problems of the low-income and vulnerable populations using social marketing to achieve positive behaviour change by promoting ideas, products and services conducive to better health. PSI promotes and distributes 11 health products, using commercial channels and outlets to make available quality health products at affordable prices. The basket of products includes condoms, oral contraceptives, ORS, water purification solutions; IFA tablets and pre-packaged STI treatment kit. For more information, please visit www.psi.org.in

POSITION PURPOSE: The Procurement person is responsible for ensuring that the services she/he provides are in accordance with PSI policy, procedures, industry standards,, as well as clients’ needs. She/he performs as a member of the Finance and Administration Division providing support to other colleagues and providing input to develop and implement new tools, operational or other improvements, as appropriate. She/he influences decisions regarding procurement of goods and services and related logistics, which impacts the effectiveness of PSI projects and operations. The incumbent must be able to determine and define requirements in order to provide accurate advice, guidance and recommendations. To do this, the incumbent must ask sufficient questions of the parties involved, rely on previous experience and knowledge, and interpret, assess and communicate current PSI policy, practices and procedures, as well as industry practice.

• Provides advice and guidance to internal clients on procurement matters, and coaches clients on relevant processes (i.e. Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Quotations (RFQ), bid evaluation criteria other competitive procurement tools) to ensure client needs are met, the PSI obtains best value, and to ensure procurement processes are perceived by suppliers as fair, open and ethical;
• Analyses procurement requirements and selects the most appropriate methods based on interpretation and assessment of established policies, practices, and experience;
• Plans, organizes and leads the bid solicitation process including drafting and issuing RFQ, RFP, agreements developing bid evaluation criteria and guiding clients on processes involved;
• Chairs bid evaluation committees if required, ensures the integrity of the competitive process, facilitates bidder debriefings, and exercises appropriate judgment and tact while ensuring to protect confidential information;
• Monitors and reviews progress of contractual agreements, reviews and approves invoices for payment, resolves any problems that arise, performs post contract evaluations, creates and maintains procurement records, including electronic records in the PSI’s (ERP) system, Lawson, and other systems, ensuring accuracy and integrity of data;
• As subject matter expert for the ERP Purchasing module, coordinate with HO A&F for implementation of selected Finance and Administration systems and adherence to the policy and procedure of system.
• Getting goods and services for the best price and value, Cutting any waste and unnecessary costs to create a streamlined process and fast procurement process
• Building strong working relationships both internally and with key suppliers for timely delivery of goods and services. Creation and maintenance of vendor data base as per PSI Policy.
• Coordination with all user for planning and implementation of activity plan under BRM (Burn Rate Matrix) of Delhi State related to procurement 
• Understanding and keeping up with new trends and regulations in the business, understanding technology and managing online systems such as e-auctions and e-tendering
• Review purchase order claims and contracts for conformance to company policy. Analyze market and delivery systems in order to assess present and future material availability

• Graduate/MBA/Post-Graduate degree/in Procurement or related field
• Relevant work experience of 4-5 years in a Procurement profile
• Experience in relevant field of development sector or equivalent 

• Excellent communication and presentation skills 
• Strong interpersonal and man management skills
• Multi-tasking ability
• Analytical and methodical approach
• Excellence in Spreadsheet skills
• Highest level of maturity, integrity and professionalism

1.1 Customer Service Orientation - See PSI from the client point of view; keep client needs paramount when making decisions and taking action; think beyond current client base; understand the forces that impact PSI, those we serve and those we could serve in the future. (Client refers to all internal/external stakeholders and customers. This should be more clearly defined by manager and employee, as appropriate). Works closely with the people PSI serves to find out what they value the most 

1.2 Result Focus- Move focus from analysis to action; show persistence to overcome obstacles; take immediate action to solve; problems; ensure follow through. Persists to overcome obstacles; Challenges people at all levels to exceed levels of performance

1.3 Attention to Detail: ensure that all important details of a situation are attended to; develop and follow systems to keep things in order; requests or seeks data or back-up information to support others’ assumptions 

1.4 Take Responsibility: initiate action without needing direction; act like an owner of the organization; take preventive action to head off anticipated problems; takes an active part in addressing problems, rather than just pointing them out to others 

1.5 Results focused: The ability and drive for achieving and surpassing targets against internal or external standards of excellence. This is about showing a passion for improving the delivery of services with a commitment to continuous improvement in your procurement process. 

PSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages applications from qualified individuals regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.

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