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General Manager - Bala Vikasa International Center (BVIC) - Apply by: Open

General Manager, Bala Vikasa International Center (BVIC), Hyderabad, India

1. POSITION VACANT: General Manager, Bala Vikasa International Center (BVIC), Hyderabad, India
Bala Vikasa is a respected community development organization working for the empowerment of rural communities and has positively impacted more than four million people in 6,000 villages in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
Bala Vikasa is well known for innovative community driven development initiatives which have become models for the government, NGOs and corporates working in the community development sector, to replicate and follow.

Bala Vikasa has inspired development professionals from 57 countries through capacity building programs conducted at its People Development Training Center (PDTC) in Warangal.
Bala Vikasa International Center (BVIC) is a new initiative of Bala Vikasa with the objective of bringing about social change by promoting social entrepreneurship and business responsibility.
For more information about BVIC, please visit

Bala Vikasa would like to recruit a senior development professional, to fill the key vacancy for General Manager (GM). Reporting to the Executive Director, Bala Vikasa, the GM shall be a key member of theBVIC management team and play a strategic role in its conceptualization, successful launch, management and growth.
Key Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Management:
(1) Overall responsibility for planning, budgeting, implementing, coordinating, networking and ensuring that set targets of the Center are successfully achieved within prescribed timelines; 
(2) Positioning BVIC as a highly credible centre for knowledge-sharing, especially in the corporate and development sectors;
(3) Identifying opportunities and threats in the sectors of BVIC intervention and initiating effective programs to address the same;
(4) Constantly motivating and making BVIC training, research, incubation, multimedia and PR staff, accountable for delivering results;
(5) Preparing and presenting activity reports to concerned Committees, BVIC Board, Donors etc.;
(6) Providing continuous support to staff, preparing action plans, monitoring activities and enabling them to reach targets;
(7) BVIC is a self-financed center- ensuring required revenue is generated through knowledge sharing and consultancy services for sustainability;
(8) Constantly updating knowledge, skills and connections in relevant sectors to continue to be an effective manager.
2. Networking and Fundraising:
(1) Strengthening BVIC through effective partnerships and networking with institutions, CSR and entrepreneurship organizations, both local and international, business federations such as CII, FICCI, etc. and also client partners such as SMEs, NGOs, industries engaged in CSR, etc.;
(2) Identifying and networking with mentors, venture capital providers and incubation centers for supporting young entrepreneurs;
(3) Getting accreditation from recognized bodies for BVIC training programs;
(4) Connecting social entrepreneurs to impact investors, venture capital providers, angel investors from national and international categories and help in procuring required grants and capital;
(5) Fundraising for setting up BVIC building and implementing SE and BSR related initiatives of BVIC and also for BV Community Development Programs (CDP), showcasing BV Success models.
3. Capacity-building and Consultancy Initiatives:
(1) Designing effective training modules and pedagogical material for “Social Enterprise” and “Corporate Social Responsibility” programmes by pooling resources from Balavikasa CDD training modules, BVICteam, Knowledge partners, Advisory committee etc., in order to ensure that content is relevant and competitive;
(2) Preparing annual training program calendar and ensuring effective promotional tools and methodologies are applied to mobilize the required number of participants;
(3) Establishing and strengthening the incubation center for innovative Social Entrepreneurs with required resources and ecosystem in place;
(4) Specializing in suggested topics and conducting training programs and related services;
(5) Contacting and preparing a pool of qualified resources persons, mentors, consultants to support the delivery of services.
(6) Ensuring all services delivered by BVIC are highly professional, relevant and effective in concerned target sectors through periodic assessments.
Internal Collaboration:
(1) Regularly participating and collaborating in the activities of CDDP and PDTC in order to effectively connect BVIC clients/ partners/ networks with overall Bala Vikasa CDD methodologies and strategies;
(2) Taking up any other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Director from time to time.
Applicants must be Post-graduates in Social Science, or MBAs.
(1) 10 years of experience in social development and Corporate Social Responsibility, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience at the management level. 
(2) Prior experience in working with industry, incubation centers, impact investors, venture capital providers, angel investors, mentors, etc.
Skills and Competencies:
(1) Ability to connect with different stakeholders and promote BVIC initiatives;
(2) Ability to establish connections with national and international bodies in the social development and industry sectors;
(3) Ability to design and deliver training programs and advisory services in SE and BSR sectors;
(4) Passion for innovation, ability to face challenges and achieve targets on time.
Gross remuneration budgeted for the position is Rs. 10-12 lacs per annum, with scope for improvement in the case of exceptional talent. Offers shall be commensurate with the qualifications, experience and salary history, of the selected candidate.
6. LOCATION: Hyderabad
7. TENURE & CATEGORY OF EMPLOYMENT:  The successful candidate shall initially be offered a one-year contract, renewable based on performance. BVIC are hoping to hire a candidate willing to make a three to five-year commitment.
Eligible candidates interested in this position are requested to apply to  submitting a cover letter highlighting their motivation to apply and suitability for the position, along with an updated resume including names and contact details of at least two referees.
Candidates are urged to apply immediately, as tele-interviews with strong applicants, are likely to be initiated almost right away.

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