Saturday, February 17, 2018

Visa Assistant - U.S. Consulate General

Visa Assistant
Organization: U.S. Consulate General
Location: Mumbai

Last Date: 23 Feb 2018


The incumbent assists in the Immigrant Visa (IV) Unit, consisting of a Senior Visa Specialist, Senior Visa Assistants, and Immigrant Visa Assistants responsible for processing immigrant, fiancé(e), and K visa applications. The unit also handles a number of returning resident applications and boarding foils.
Incumbent performs a full range of duties in the IV unit including checking documents submitted by immigrant visa applicants, organizing and tracking visa requests according to a complicated set of laws and procedures so that a Consular Officer can make a decision, and ensuring that the legal requirements of the application have been met. Incumbent attends to applicant inquiries, accurately prints immigrant visas and creates immigrant visa packets, files immigrant visa cases received from the National Visa Center (NVC), drafts memos for transferring or returning petitions to different posts or NVC, and interprets for Consular Officers as required.


Applicants must address each required qualification listed below with specific information supporting each item. Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.


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