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Chief Executive Officer - Network of Asia and Pacific Producers Pte. Limited Singapore - Apply by: January 20, 2018

1. POSITION VACANT: Chief Executive Officer, Network of Asia & Pacific Producers Pte. Limited (NAPP), Singapore, based at Bengaluru, India
The Network of Asia & Pacific Producers (NAPP) is a part of Fairtrade International (FLO) and is the representative body of farmers and workers, belonging to and /or associated with Fairtrade Certified Producer Organizations from different countries of the Asia Pacific region. NAPP has its registered office in Hong Kong.

An official representative of Asia and Pacific Producers within FLO, NAPP ’s mission is to facilitate the incorporation of more producers to be able to join the Fairtrade movement in Asia and the Pacific through an existing wide range of products and services aimed at improving the socio-economic conditions of Asia-Pacific producers through increased access to better trading conditions.
Fairtrade certification benefits marginalized producers and workers in the Global South in four critical ways
(1) Provides producers with guaranteed prices that are higher than conventional world market prices, particularly in volatile tropical commodity markets;
(2) Supports organizational capacity building for the democratic groups that are required to represent small-scale producers (via cooperatives) and workers;
(3) Enhances production and marketing skills for participants and their families, which extend beyond Fairtrade Certified production;
(4) Provides a social premium to finance broader community development projects, such as health clinics, schools, better roads and.
NAPP’s Mission in Asia Pacific is to:
(1) Serve as an organ of representation, coordination, exchange and collaboration for the empowerment of small scale farmers and farm workers from Asia and the Pacific within the framework of Fairtrade certification;
(2) Facilitate the incorporation of more producers to be able to join the Fairtrade movement in Asia and the Pacific through an existing wide range of products and services;
(3) Ensure that Asian and Pacific realities and conditions are taken into account while setting FairtradeStandards without compromising on the basic principles of Fairtrade.
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NAPP is seeking to hire a full-time Chief Executive Officer (CEO), to be initially based at Bengaluru, India, to further its mission and objectives for the region.
A part of the Senior Leadership Team, the CEO shall provide leadership to all staff appointed under NAPP, and be responsible for executing the following functions:
(1) Leadership: Provide strong and dynamic overall leadership at NAPP, facilitate key decisions of the NAPPBoard, management and other key stakeholders as a democratic membership based organisation that is able to effectively represent the views of its members. S/he would also lead the change process at NAPP;

(2) Strategic Direction and Implementation: Envisioning an organizational strategy for the development and growth of the Fairtrade Network and achievement of its policy goals, as well as the political positioning of NAPP within the Fairtrade community of organizations and individuals working towards alleviating poverty in the Asia Pacific region. This involves collaboration with and on behalf of NAPP members, other members of the Fairtrade system, NAPP national and sub-regional bodies, NAPP Board and other national and international partners;
(3) Fundraising: Raise the annual operating budget and implement a long-term sustainability strategy that will result in the growth of the organization's program activities and capacity to effectively represent Asia and Pacific producers; Work in collaboration with Fairtrade International and its members to maximize fundraising opportunities and ensure efficiency;
(4) Operational Supervision: Provide leadership and management supervision of NAPP programmatic operations, including hands-on supervision, motivation, and mentoring of NAPP staff, as well as fiscal monitoring;
(5) Communication: In consultation with the Chair of the Board of NAPP, act as the principal spokesperson and public face of NAPP in the Asia Pacific region and beyond, communicating complex ideas both verbally and in writing to diverse audiences, and building strong relationships with key policymakers, organizational partners, media outlets, and funders to promote NAPP objectives and advance the cause of Fairtradeproducers from the Asia Pacific region;
(6) Board Liaison: Provide effective management support to the Board of Directors to ensure compliance with NAPP governance duties; Exceed programme, fundraising, policy and organizing goals; Undertake effective institutional planning and functional staff/board collaboration; and Ensure that NAPP mission, vision, and values are embodied in all processes of the organisation. 
Key Roles and Responsibilities:
(1) Drive the implementation of the change programme, providing leadership and support and delivery to the agreed timelines, budget and quality ensuring all stakeholders are fully engaged;
(2) Put in place good and effective governance practises, policy guidelines and administration structures at the organizational level, leading to efficient functioning;
(3) Create and maintain an innovative and enthusiastic work environment at all levels of the organisation and specifically to provide high quality supervision, line management and support to middle level to senior management;
(4) Develop, maintain and align strategic relationships within the Fairtrade global movement, other NGOs, governments, business and other relevant stakeholders leading to market access opportunities for producers;
(5) Provide leadership and coordination in planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of NAPPprogrammes in line with system wide priorities and plans and in close collaboration with the Global Operations Team and Fairtrade International;
(6) Facilitate the strategic integration of NAPP to expand access to essential services for its members including the promotion of greater access to technical and market opportunities for improved livelihoods;
(7) Implement the decisions of the NAPP General Assembly, and the policies and strategies approved by the Board of Directors;
(8) Facilitate the organisational growth and development of the sub-regional and /or country networks and their governance structures;
(9) Take the lead in developing NAPP presence and profile in the Asia Pacific region and globally.
The applicant must possess a Master’s degree in Business, Agriculture, Economics, Development Studies, or related field.
(1) Seven to 10 years of overall experience, with about three to five years of experience at the senior management level;
(2) Proven experience in advancing the cause of sustainability and ethical trade for the benefit of rural communities;
(3) Experience in reporting to a Board at the executive management level, within an international organisation, of similar size and complexity;
(4) Proven experience of leading professional staff from diverse backgrounds in a manner that enhances their confidence and efficiency, builds their initiative and enables them to function as members of efficient and effective teams;
(5) Demonstrable experience in leading change processes within an organisation;
(6) Demonstrable experience of project cycle management, ensuring the delivery of high quality programmes as well as managing internal learning processes across virtual teams;
(7) Extensive experience of working with donor partnerships in international, regional and sub-regional levels.
(1) A working knowledge of other languages of the region/ sub-region;
(2) Demonstrable experience in Business Planning and Corporate and Communication Strategy.
Skills and Competencies: 
(1) Strong negotiation, advocacy and communication skills, both written and verbal, including excellent presentation skills in English;
(2) Demonstrated ability to successfully pursue new market opportunities for producers from the Asia Pacific region;
(3) Proven ability to communicate effectively, manage information, execute on plans and ensure accountability;
(4) Extensive experience of working in Asia;
(5) Ability to effectively advocate for trade justice issues in a highly charged political environment;
(6) Good track record of developing productive relationships with key government officials and other community leaders;
(7) Willingness and ability to travel extensively in the Asia Pacific region and globally;
(8) Strong attention to detail and deadlines, and the ability to balance multiple, complex, competing and demanding responsibilities.
Gross compensation of USD 40,000/- per annum, on an all-inclusive basis, has been budgeted for the position. The offer made to the selected candidate shall be commensurate with qualifications, experience and salary history.
6. LOCATION: Bengaluru, India. (Note: For better regional representation, the position may be relocated outside of India to the Asia region, within a year or two).
7. CONTRACT AND PROBATION: The selected candidate shall be offered a one-year contract, renewable based on performance. Please note that all new appointments at NAPP are subject to a probationary period of six months.
Senior Consultant
Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
1/1B, Choudhary Hetram House, Bharat Nagar
New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phone Nos.: 011- 2684 2162; 4165 3612
Eligible candidates interested in this position, are requested to visit and apply along with a cover letter, discussing their interest in and suitability for the position, along with an updated resume, giving details of three references, current cost to organization and expected compensation, by or before January 20, 2018.

Our client is an equal opportunity employer and encourages qualified women candidates to apply.

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