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State FBNC Clinical Coordinator - International Development Agency

1. POSITION VACANT: State FBNC Clinical Coordinator, International Development Agency, Patna, Bihar
Our client is a respected, International Development Agency, that works across the globe to promote children's survival, protection and development.
Project Background

Out of nearly 30 lakh children born every year in Bihar, about 83,000 children die within the first month of life. Neonatal Mortality Rate (NMR) in Bihar is 27/1000 live births, contributing to about 50% of all deaths in childhood. The trend analysis of NMR in Bihar from 2002-2016 shows a significant decrease from 42/ 1000 live births to 27/1000 live births (about 1 per 1000 live births in last 15 years). This has largely resulted from a significant decrease in late-neonatal deaths (8-28 days). But, there has been hardly any change in the early neonatal deaths (0-7 days) over the same period. Observing the trend, it was concluded that the pace of reduction in NMR remained static in especially during the 1st few days of life. Hence, there is a need to focus on the first week of life or the early neonatal period.
Bihar contributes about 11% of the total neonatal death in India. At the state level, the neonatal mortality rate is 27 as compared to the national average of 24 (SRS 2016). The percentage of neonatal deaths to infant deaths is 65 per cent and to under five deaths is 49 per cent at the state level. Early neo-natal mortality rate i.e. number of infant deaths less than seven days of life per thousand live births forms an important component of infant mortality rate and more specifically of the neo-natal mortality rate. At the state level, the early neo-natal mortality rate for the year 2016 has been estimated at 21. Three major causes contribute to about 85 per cent of all deaths in the newborn period: pre-maturity and low birth weight, birth asphyxia and infections. Most of the causes of deaths in the newborn period can be prevented or managed by households, communities and health facilities. But they are often unable to provide the required care. Health facilities are often ill equipped to provide essential newborn care to all newborn and special newborn care to sick newborns.
Under the overall the supervision and guidance of the Senior Programme Officer-Child Health, International Development Agency and working with State Health Society Bihar (SHSB), GOB, theState FBNC Clinical Coordinator (SFCC), shall be responsible to State and District officials and particularly to the Doctors and Staff Nurses/ANMs posted in SNCUs in improving “Quality of Care” in SNCUs.
Key Job Responsibilities:
(A) Clinical mentoring and supportive supervision
(1) Assess knowledge and skills of medical officers (doctors) posted in SNCU and provide clinical mentoring and supportive supervision;
(2) Assess knowledge and skills of staff nurse(s) and ANM(s) posted in SNCU and provide clinical mentoring and supportive supervision;
(3) Review neonatal case record sheets and provide treatment advice;
(4) Provide onsite hands-on training to SNCU staff demonstrating adherence to case management protocols.
(B) Optimal utilization of facilities and services (structural components, equipment, drugs etc.) to ensure quality of care
(1) Review and assess utilization of facilities and services available in SNCUs for quality of care (Hand wash, Step down area, KMC corner, Sterilization area, Infection control, Laboratory service etc.);
(2) Identify gaps/ shortcomings in available facilities and services and recommend for corrective measures;
(3) Promote rational use of drugs (antibiotic, IV fluid etc.), oxygen and other supportive care;
(4) Promote KMC practices, Inj. Vit-K.
(C) Streamline recording and reporting 
(1) Review and identify gaps in / inconsistency with filled-in admission register and neonatal case record sheets;
(2) Promote for complete filling of case sheets by doctors/ staff nurse/ANM (The option of ‘others’ in “Indication for admission, Final Diagnosis and Cause of death profile in SNCU” to be less than 5%);
(3) Review and assess investigation sheet, discharge notes, referral summary;
(4) Ascertain recording of Vit-K and Anti natal corticosteroid.
(D) Review & analysis of SNCU online data 
(1) SNCU wise review of online data related to “quality of care”;
(2) Facilitate death review occurring in SNCUs;
(3) Develop facility specific need-based action plan to improve “quality of care”.
(E) Liaison and advocacy 
(1) Advocate with Civil Surgeon/ Medical Superintendent/ Deputy superintendent for earmarking required number of HR exclusively for SNCU;
(2) Advocate for supply of essential drugs, supplies and equipment;
(3) Provide feedback to District Magistrate for further improvement in ‘Quality of care’.
Qualifications and Experience:
(1) Post Graduate degree or Diploma in Pediatrics with one year experience of working in newborn intensive care set up in Government or private sector
MBBS trained in FBNC Care and three years of experience in New Born Intensive care at district/ state level;
(2) Experience of conducting SNCU trainings for Medical Officers and Staff nurses would be desirable.
Skills and Competencies:
(1) Ability to plan and monitor activities at district or State level;
(2) Good track record of credibility, trust and honesty;
(3) Must be willing to travel extensively in the State to mentor 53 SNCU staff;
(4) Knowledge of English / Hindi and computer is essential;
(5) Proficiency in MS office, using SPSS, Epi-info, use of data and online SNCU MIS system will be an asset.
The SFCC shall be hired on a consultancy contract through Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd. (SAMS), a respected HR Agency.
Professional fees of the selected candidate shall be Rs.1,35,000/- per month for the period of the consultancy assignment. (Note: Subsistence, Mobility and Contingency support shall be separately provided, to address field travel and related costs incurred by the SFCC).
7. LOCATION: Patna with need base travel to field.
The consultancy assignment will be effective from the date of joining till June 30, 2018.
Senior Consultant
Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
1/1B, Choudhary Hetram House, Bharat Nagar
New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phone Nos.: 011- 2684 2162; 4165 3612

Eligible candidates interested in this position are requested to apply to with a cover letter, discussing their interest in and suitability for the position, along with an updated resume, giving details of three references, current cost to organization and expected compensation, by February 4, 2018. For further details, please visit

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