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Sr. Manager (Acquisition/ Fundraising) - ActionAid Association - Apply by: January 20, 2018)

1. POSITION VACANT: Senior Manager- Acquisition/ Fundraising, ActionAid Association, India.
2. LOCATION: Bengaluru, Karnataka.
ActionAid Association (AAA) is a national organization and an affiliate of ActionAid Internationalfederation, a global movement of people working together to further human rights and committed to defeat poverty and injustice. Working in India since 1972, AAA currently operates out of 12 Regional Offices, spread across 25 States and one Union Territory. A non-profit, AAA has been working with people, by building their agencies and solidarities at local, national and international levels.

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AAA wishes to recruit a senior fundraising professional as Senior Manager– Acquisition/ Fundraising (SMAF), to strengthen the fundraising team. The position is based at Bengaluru, Karnataka.
Reporting to the Director-Fundraising, the SMAF shall be responsible for individual donor acquisition through offline and online channels.
(A) Coordinate Individual Donor Acquisition through 
Offline and Online Mechanisms (30%)
(1) Assist in implementation of the strategy for acquiring individual donors, using online and offline techniques;
(2) Coordinate with acquisition teams to acquire new donors;
(3) Assist in defining targets with acquisition agencies and driving them to achieve targets;
(4) Monitor the fulfilment of agreement clause entered between ActionAid and agencies;
(5) Drive existing fundraising channels and at the same time, develop new methods and techniques to raise resources from individual donors;
(6) Supervise the acquisition team and design monitoring tools to maintain the accountability of agencies;
(7) Set standards for outsourced acquisition teams to follow and comply with. Also assist in providing training support, conducting project visits and sharing of information about ActionAid, with the fundraising teams working with the agencies;
(8) Support the implementation of new fundraising products to be marketed to individual donors; Analyse and provide feedback on performance of existing products;
(9) Ensure compliance with the ActionAid brand and child protection policy by acquisition agencies and fundraisers.
(B) Increase Supporter Base of Individual Donors to Support 
AAA Projects in India (20%)
(1) Assist in implementing actionable points for mobilizing individual donors as per the marketing strategy, to achieve acquisition targets;
(2) Drive existing fundraising channels, as well as develop new fundraising channels to tap individual donors;
(3) Ensure agencies are able to deliver as per the Terms of Reference agreed between ActionAid and the agencies;
(4) Extend fundraising operations in new cities, consolidating the same in existing cities.
(C) Strategic Planning for Direct Marketing (20%)
(1) Prepare strategic plans for direct response incorporating growth initiative projections;
(2) Prepare the annual budget for Donor Acquisition;
(3) Give inputs for the preparation of overall Marketing Budget, Strategies and Marketing Plan;
(4) Evaluate programme results, analyse effectiveness and modify strategies, based on results, with a view to achieving direct marketing budgets and marketing ratios;
(5) Assign projects to Marketing Officers and monitor and mentor them to assure success;
(6) Liaise with Marketing Agencies (Ad, Telemarketing, Face-to-face and other marketing service providers), entailing travel for more 60 days in a year, within the country;
(7) Manage segmentation strategies and identify new opportunities for future growth and direction.
(D) Ensure Accountability of Outsourced Agencies and Establish Norms (10%)
(1) Work closely with the agencies, establishing high standards of compliance in terms of the process developed for monitoring and keeping track of performance and quality;
(2) Maintain close relationship with acquisition agencies and vendors, to ensure smooth functioning and compliance of minimum and non-negotiable standards;
(3) Develop MIS for better functioning and monitoring of agency performance;
(4) Develop checklists for surprise reviews on the calling floors, field etc. with a view to ensuring regular quality monitoring.
(E) Coordinate with Servicing and Retention Team (10%)
(1) Communicate regularly with the Servicing and Retention Team to improve efficiency and ensure donor satisfaction by the smooth functioning of donation handling, processing and realization;
(2) Share donor expectations with the Servicing and Retention Team, with a view to ensuring donor satisfaction.
(F) Provide Relevant and Accurate Information to Fundraising Department (5%)
(1) Provide reports, documentation and analysis on progress achieved to Director– Fundraising;
(2) Use database management system to support analysis of data and/or indicators, which could be used for improving acquisition.
(G) Marketing Management (5%)
(1) Play a proactive role in the Fundraising Team in decision-making for all fundraising activities;
(2) Provide leadership and organize the work assignments of Donor Acquisition in coordination with other teams in Marketing;
(3) Build capacity of the Donor Acquisition staff on various marketing skills to open new avenues of growth;
(4) Ensure all activities related to Donor Acquisition are in alignment with departmental goals.
The applicant must possess a Post Graduate or Master’s degree in management, or other relevant professional qualification.
Candidates must have minimum 8-10 years’ relevant professional experience in individual acquisition or marketing and good exposure to managing teams.
Skills and Competencies:
(1) Strong communication skills, both verbal and written;
(2) Strong problem-solving abilities with attention to details/ accuracy;
(3) Strong relationship-building skills, both internal and donor facing;
(4) Innovative, open, adaptive and flexible to new ideas and methods;
(5) Negotiation skills to deal with outsourced agencies;
(6) Good team player and a gender sensitive co-worker;  
(7) Strong conviction and skills for the empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged groups;
(8) Strong drive, initiative and motivation, as well as capability to inspire, nurture and motivate the team to fulfil organizational priorities;
(9) Proficiency in all applications of MS Office, especially Word and Excel;
(10) Willingness to travel as required for work. 
AAA is a progressive paymaster and endeavours to position itself at par with leading international non-profits working in India. AAA will offer Rs. 9.67 lacs per annum, on a cost to organization basis for the position. (Note: The amount includes PF contribution. In addition, there is Group Medical Insurance, with coverage of the post holder and dependents. Personal Accident Insurance and Gratuity is payable as per law and the norms of the organization.)
7. TENURE & CATEGORY OF EMPLOYMENT:  The successful candidate shall be offered a fixed term, three-year contract with AAA. Further extension, if any, shall be on the basis of the incumbent’s performance, fund availability and organizational requirement.
Senior Consultant
Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
1/1B, Choudhary Hetram House, Bharat Nagar
New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phone Nos.: 011- 2684 2162; 4165 3612 
Eligible candidates interested in the position are requested to urgently apply using the link, with a cover letter, discussing their interest in and suitability for the position, along with an updated resume, giving details of three references, current cost to organization and expected compensation, by or before January 20, 2018. Please note that suitable candidates shall be contacted immediately by SAMS’ recruitment team.

(ActionAid is an equal opportunity and diversity sensitive employer and women, persons with disability, SC/ST/ OBC/Muslim candidates are especially encouraged to apply. Women candidates will be given preference for this position.)

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