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Faculty (Teacher Educator) - Muktangan (Apply by: February 26, 2016)

Faculty (Teacher Educator), Muktangan, Mumbai

Muktangan is ranked as a Top 10 NGOs to work for in 2015 by the renowned “Great Places to Work@ India. Founded in 2003 as the sole project of Paragon Charitable Trust, it currently runs seven municipal schools (3200 students) and a Teacher Education Centre.  Muktangan trains local low-income, community members (mainly women) to implement its educational model within these mainstream schools. All the schools add a higher standard every year with its pilot school reaching standard X (final year Board Examination) in 2014. Its unique pedagogical philosophy, which is incorporated into both its school and teacher education programmes, is now ready for replication.

Muktangan researches and develops, through its community-based government schools, a pedagogical approach which operationalizes national policies. Its Resource Centre incorporates a Teacher Education Centre integrated into a School System, each strengthening the other, using a “Hub and Spokes” approach.

Muktangan is now consolidating and offering the larger teacher and school educational system their expertise, capacity and materials to support further educational development (both government and non-government).  For more details, view the 10 minute Muktangan documentary film on:  You may also refer to our website
Muktangan requires passionate teacher educators to lead the Muktangan Educational & Educational Resource Centre (MERC) reaching out to the mainstream Teacher / School Education system. In Muktangan, Teacher education happens within a network of 7 schools enabling trainees through internship (2 days weekly), supported by classroom teachers, to relate theory to practice. Our teacher educators (Faculty) do both pre- and in-service training leading to cross-fertilization of expertise between schools and the training institute.

From the beginning the goal of the Muktangan project was to develop an alternative model of inclusive child-centered education within the mainstream system and then to seek out partnerships for the replication of its most successful components. Today we have collaborations with a number of organizations like UNICEF, RMSA, MSCERT, TISS and Harvard University and are now being recognized as a model that enhance the quality of teacher education in the country.

The person selected will, after a period of induction (60 days), having internalized the vision, mission and underlying beliefs of Muktangan, will becoming a faculty / teacher educator in the departments of “Social Studies”, “English Language”, “Hindi Language”, Marathi Language” or “Science & Math”.


Muktangan adopts a bi-lingual approach across its network of 7 schools. While proficiency is an important aim for all our learners, guided by the Constructivist philosophy of education and principles of Emergent Literacy we prioritize meaning making and understanding over accuracy and fluency, especially in the early years. We try to innovate within the framework of the SSC syllabus with activities and ideas suited to our learners. A brief discussion of the role:

(1) PRE-SERVICE TEACHER EDUCATION: Involves working with trainees who are from the community
  • Pedagogy of the respective module which focuses on developing skills to teach the subject in the schools.
  • Designing and conducting the sessions for the above module
(2) IN SERVICE TEACHER EDUCATION: Involves working with teachers trained in the Muktangan methodology in our network of 7 schools

Teacher related
  • Curriculum Understanding & Design meetings, which involves facilitating and streamlining how the subject is being taught in these classes across the school network in co-ordination with school faculty
  • Conducting professional development sessions during vacations for teachers to improve their language competency and pedagogy
  • Designing and developing innovative learning materials (games, worksheets, activities) which can be used in the classroom to aid language teaching and learning
Classroom related
  • Classroom observation for STD I - X
  • Designing ways of monitoring children’s progress in understanding subject matter concepts.
* The Muktangan Educational & Resource Center is also driving and several outreach initiatives targeting NGO schools, government schools, low fee paying private schools and Anganwadi’s in both urban & rural India. The teacher educators/faculty will be called upon to do need assessments, contextualize, design and drive specific training programs round the year across India.

Post Graduate M Ed / MA Education with minimum 1 year of classroom teaching experience at primary/middle school level.

Required Competencies:
  • Outstanding communications and inter-personal skills with the ability to influence stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of the development sector, especially in urban slum education related projects.
  • Proven ability to collaborate with internal & external teams and lead projects
  • Excellent organizational, time management and project management skills.
  • Must be flexible working with a professional, demanding work schedule and environment
  • Keen learning attitude and participatory approach
  • Marathi and Hindi speakers would be preferred, though not essential.

Eligible candidates interested in the position are requested to apply to, by February 26, 2016.

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