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Vaccine Logistics & Cold Chain Managers (Apply by: August, 10, 2015)

Vaccine Logistics & Cold Chain Managers (VCCM), in all Districts 
of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan

1. POSITION VACANT: Vaccine Logistics & Cold Chain Managers (VCCM), 159, Vacancies in each District of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan
2BACKGROUND: Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd. (SAMS) is a premier management consultancy that has focused exclusively for the past 18 years, on providing recruitment, payrolling and supply chain management services, exclusively to the public health and development sectors in India.
SAMS’ clients include bilaterals, multilaterals, I/NGOs and both Central and State Government organizations. SAMS has managed drug logistics and health supplies for the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) at CTD, MoHFW for the past 15 years. SAMS has provided similar support to NVBDCP and briefly to NACP.

Ernst & Young (EY) 
has awarded SAMS a large supply-chain, capacity building project, to help state health officers adopt innovative changes to cold chain logistics of vaccines, in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. This is under the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN)project, an exciting, ‘breakthrough’ initiative that is expected to improve the availability of quality vaccines to the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP), at the state and district levels.

The project is funded through December 2016.


Reporting to the District Immunization Officer (DIO)/ RCHOSupply Chain IT Officer (SCO-IT) and UNDP Project Officer (Division/ Cluster level), the VCCMs shall be responsible for managing programme planning, implementation, capacity building, monitoring and reporting, for all cold chain projects.
Key Job Responsibilities:
(A) Programme Planning and Implementation:
(1) Planning and execution of all activities related to eVIN implementation in the designated district, in close coordination with district DIO/ RCHO;
(2) Support the work of Cold Chain Handlers (CCH) at District Vaccine Store (DVS) and cold chain points in improving timely stock entries and their online visibility, including temperature performance of cold chain equipment.
(B) Capacity Building and Technical Assistance for Government
(1) Developing a detailed workplan for the implementation of eVIN software in the DVS and all cold chain points in consultation with DIO/ RCHO;
(2) Supporting DIO/ RCHOs in generating reports relating to stock levels, re-order levels, distribution plans, stock forecasting for vaccines and supplies and online stock monitoring to reduce excess stock/ avoid stock-outs;
(3) Supporting DIO/ RCHO in planning for preventive maintenance of cold chain equipment;
(4) Supporting DIO/ RCHO in the development of distribution cycles and optimum routes for vaccines/ supplies, for use by the DVS in-Charge;
(5) Ensuring site readiness at various cold chain points for the installation of Temp Loggers;
(6) Ensuring that all transactions (issues, receipts, discards, transfers etc.) of vaccines and syringes are entered in the eVIN system at the district level, as well as at cold chain points;
(7) Reviewing online stock data for all vaccines/ supplies and temp logger data, on a daily basis and informing DIO/ RCHO/ DVS in-Charge to initiate desired action;
(8) Ensuring regular & timely updation from all cold chain points, after collection/ distribution/ returns from the field (within 24 hours). During visit to CCH, ensure hands-on training on all aspects for which CCHsrequire support;
(9) Reporting dysfunctional eVIN software/ mobile/ Temp Loggers to Supply Chain Officer-IT (SCO-IT) for resolution, if not possible locally. Reporting if prescribed reporting formats/ stock registers/ Temp logbooks, are in use at all levels visited;
(10) Regular analysis of consumption patterns and wastage rates for vaccines and supplies for developing monthly reports to support DIO in taking corrective action;
(11) Monitoring cold chain performance through remote temperature loggers and ensuring prompt follow-up of response by the concerned person, to temperature excursion alerts, at cold chain points across the district;
(12) Validating stock transactions and temperature records in all/ not less than 10 Cold Chain Points every month, where CCH has been provided with mobile, eVIN software and training. [Stock transactions (all antigens, dropper, diluent and syringes) include stock registers, issue/receipt vouchers, vaccine distribution registers, eVIN mobile phone entries and online (web) entries. Temperature records include temperature logbook entries for twice daily temperature records, alerts and breaches and their corresponding records on eVIN software/ alerts];
(13) Verifying data integrity/ accuracy of system developed reports from eVIN software from mobile/ web based solutions/ Temp Logger, for all locations validated;
(14) Coordinating with State Capacity Building Lead (SCBL) to nominate new staff or refresher training participants based on identified training needs;
(15) Participating in review meetings for CCHs and providing status report/ feedback;
(16) Working closely with state and district level health officials and UNDP state project officers. Coordinating with GAVI-HSS partners (namely UNICEF and WHO) and other development partners working on immunization, as necessary;
(17) Any other task assigned by the SCO-IT, as and when required, to support eVIN implementation.
(C) Monitoring and Evaluation
(1) Undertaking field visits to monitor the implementation of the system and provide technical inputs to address gaps and bottlenecks in the implementation of eVIN;
(2) Undertaking field visits for 15 days in a month within the district.
(D) Report Writing
(1) Preparing periodic status reports, annual reports, case studies etc. in a qualitative and timely manner.
Applicants must possess at least a Graduation Degree, with additional qualification in Business Administration/ Public Health/ Hospital Management/ Social Science/ Material Management or Supply Chain Management, from a reputed University/ Institution.
(1) A minimum of 2-3 years of professional work experience at the State/ District level in IT or supply chain related projects;
(2) Preference will be given to candidates with experience in public health/ health care/ vaccine management or cold chain management;
(3) Experience in immunization programmes will be an advantage;
(4) Experience of working in the State Government or international development organization will be an asset.
Skills & Abilities:
(1) Should have a valid driving license and be comfortable driving a two wheeler vehicle;
(2) Must be proficient in computers. Knowledge of MS-Office applications viz. Excel; Word and PowerPoint and internet is essential;
(3) Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English is essential. Good working knowledge of the local language of the duty station, will be an asset;
(4) Strong analytical, negotiating and communication skills;
(5) Sound knowledge of the health system of the country and states.
Gross compensation offered for the position shall be Rs. 22,000/- per month plus Rs. 5,000/- per month towards reimbursement of actual travel costs incurred within the district. The offered compensation is non-negotiable.
Please note that VCCMs shall be on the payroll of SAMS.
6. LOCATION: All districts of Uttar Pradesh (75), Madhya Pradesh (51) and Rajasthan (33).
*Please note that the above mentioned vacancies shall be filled in a phased manner over a period of six months.
Senior Consultant
Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
1/1B, Choudhary Hetram House, Bharat Nagar
New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025 
Phones: 011-2684-2162; 011-4165-3612; 011-4101-1564 and 011-4101-1565

Eligible candidates interested in this position are requested to apply online at giving details of three references and current compensation drawn, by or before August, 10, 2015. For further details please visit

Applicants are urged to apply immediately, as interviews with the promising candidates will start almost right away.

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