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Director – Communications & Business Development - Smile Train India


Director – Communications & Business Development,

Smile Train India

1.  Position:

Director – Communications & Business Development, Smile Train India, NCR/ Mumbai/ Bangalore

2.  Background:

Smile Train India is a not-for-profit company registered under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act of 1956 with exemption u/s 80G of the IT Act. It is part of Smile Train – the world’s largest charity devoted exclusively to the cause of helping poor children born with cleft lips and cleft palates in developing countries.

For more information about Smile Train, please visit

Smile Train India wishes to recruit a senior communications and marketing professional, to fill a newly created position to enhance the visibility of the organization among Corporations, Foundations, Key Opinion Leaders and High Net Worth individuals, both in India and abroad and to raise funds for running the India programs.

3.  Key Roles and Responsibilities:

(1) Set up a suitable Marketing & Fundraising department for Smile Train India. Identify its human capital needs, select, recruit and train appropriate staff to meet the agreed goals.
(2) Develop a suitable marketing strategy, an appropriate Action Plan and implement the same for significantly expanding Smile Train’s visibility among potential donors, aligned with the organization’s overall goals of financial self-sufficiency.
(3) Identify, appoint and appropriately brief a PR agency for creating the required initiatives and material.
(4) Spearhead the development and execution of a national level PR campaign focused on large corporations – both in the Private and Public sectors, Foundations and High Net worth Individuals in India and abroad.
(5) Coordinate the production and distribution of agreed PR material, grant requests, project proposals etc.
(6) Set up and agree clear, measurable and aggressive goals and timelines for the PR campaign and continually monitor and report the progress.
(7) Develop strategic linkages with suitable external partners, e.g. local Corporates, ‘partner’ hospitals, watchdog agencies, brand ambassadors, high public figures, other NGO’s etc that can function as ‘force multipliers’ to bolster PR plans.
(8) Keep track of new legislative developments on CSR in the Companies Act, actively liaise with the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs to leverage opportunities as they arise.
(9) Personally reach out to large Corporations both in the Private and Public sectors that have CSR plans aligned with Smile Train’s Mission, submit Project proposals and follow those up.
(10) As part of the management team, work closely with the local Programs Team in India and the global Marketing Team in New York, actively contributing in the charting of the overall organizational direction, and formulation of strategies and policies.
(11) Keep Smile Train HQ continually informed through periodic reports on progress against agreed targets.

4.  Supervisory Responsibilities:

(1) Draw up a list of the functional needs of the Marketing and Fundraising Department; recommend activities that are best outsourced and those that must be carried out internally.
(2) Identify, recruit, train, lead and motivate the staff taken on board.

5.  Reporting To:

The Job Holder shall report to the Regional Director – South Asia.

6.  Qualifications & Required Skill Sets:

The Job Holder must have:

(1) Excellent communication abilities – both oral and in writing.
(2) High levels of energy and a commitment to excellence.
(3) An ability to work with minimal supervision.

And should bring….

(1) A sound academic background with a solid, proven track record of marketing in a reputed corporation or international ad agency.
(2) An excellent track record of credible and demonstrable achievements in a marketing or fundraising position.
(3) A good understanding of and thorough familiarity with the Indian mass media, its reach, costs, effectiveness, limitations, etc.
(4) Strong analytical skills.
(5) Initiative and creativity to develop and implement innovative programs.
(6) Teamwork and networking skills.
(7) A sincere commitment to the cause of helping children and a strong identification with Smile Train’s goals.

In terms of qualifications and actual work experience, the candidate must possess:

(1) Post graduate qualifications, preferably an MBA with Marketing major from a good institute.
(2) About 10 yrs functional experience in product management and/or marketing in a reputed FMCG company (eg Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Colgate, Pepsi), or one in services (eg Citibank, HSBC) or a large organization engaged in delivering a societal benefits (eg UNICEF) or similar but well-rounded experience in a top flight international advertising agency (eg Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi etc).
(3) Demonstrated track record of independently managing significant PR budgets.

7.  Compensation:

Smile Train is a very demanding organization in terms of performance and deliverables and believes in rewarding its people well. Compensation for the position shall be attractive, better than those offered by comparable non-profits and unlikely to be a constraint for an exceptional candidate.

8.  Location:

Although based in New Delhi, Smile Train India does not operate out of formal offices and all existing staff work from home, in a highly networked environment. The Job Holder can accordingly be based anywhere, but preferably in NCR/Mumbai/Bangalore.

9.  Application Process:

Eligible candidates interested in this position are requested apply to with a cover letter, discussing their interest in and suitability for the position, along with an updated resume, giving details of three professional references and current cost to organization by or before January 14, 2014. For further details please

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