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Head of Energy & Environment Unit - UNOPS (Apply by: 12 April 2014)

Vacancy code VA/2014/B5006/4674
Position title Head of Energy and Environment Unit
Level ICS-12
Department/office GPSO, HR Service Centre
Duty station New Delhi, India
Contract type Fixed Term
Contract level NOE
Duration Initial period of one year, renewable upon satisfactory performance
Application period 25-Mar-2014 to 13-Apr-2014

Print United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity

Background Information – UNOPS

UNOPS mission is to serve people in need by expanding the ability of the United Nations, governments and other partners to manage projects, infrastructure and procurement in a sustainable and efficient manner. Within these three core areas of expertise, UNOPS provides its partners with advisory, implementation and transactional services, with projects ranging from building schools and hospitals, to procuring goods and services and training local personnel. UNOPS works closely with governments and communities to ensure increased economic, social and environmental sustainability for the projects we support, with a focus on developing national capacity. Working in some of the world's most challenging environments, our vision is to advance sustainable implementation practices in development, humanitarian and peacebuilding contexts, always satisfying or surpassing partner expectations. We employ more than 6,000 personnel and on behalf of our partners create thousands more work opportunities in local communities. Through our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and a network of offices, we oversee activities in more than 80 countries.

Background Information - Job-specific

Under the overall leadership of the Resident Representative, the Head of Energy and Environment (E&E) Unit will lead this central portfolio in the UNDP India Country Office and provide strategic direction and advice on key and emerging issues relating to energy, environment, disaster risk reduction, sustainable development and climate change including their implications for UNDP programming. The Head of the E&E Unit will work closely with Government counterparts to identify policy options that contribute to sustainable development and poverty eradication and enhance the impact of relevant UNDP projects and programmes. The Head of the E&E Unit will prepare high quality analyses and briefs on issues in the E&E portfolio and will lead and supervise a team of senior staff in Delhi as well as national consultants and project. The Head of the E&E Unit will maintain networks with colleagues from UNDP, UN Agencies, international financial institutions, Government officials, multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors and civil society.

Functional Responsibilities

Summary of key functions:

a. Provide guidance and advice to UNDP management on issues of energy and environment, disaster, sustainable development and climate change
b. Provide guidance and advice to Government counterparts and facilitate knowledge building on issues of energy and environment, disaster, sustainable development and climate change
c. Build and facilitate strategic partnerships in the E&E portfolio
d. Promote UNDP's mandate and mission particularly in relation to outcomes on sustainable development and lowering the risk of natural disasters including from climate change
e. Supervise the development and achievement of results under the E&E portfolio
f. Supervise and provide strategic direction to the UNDP GEF/MP portfolio of projects
g. Provide advice and liaise with national and local institutions working in the areas of energy and environment, disaster, sustainable development and climate change

1.    Provide guidance, advice and support to UNDP management, programmes and projects in E&E by:

·         Compiling, analyzing and interpreting relevant information and data
·         Conducting strategic research on energy and environmental issues in the country and drafting relevant reports, case studies, briefings and speeches, aimed at promoting sustainable development pathway
·         Leading the production, consultative process and launch of relevant UNDP supported environmental reports and contributing as required to the launch of other key reports
·         Providing top quality analysis and substantive inputs to the UNDAF, country programme and other important documents and processes on issues related to E&E portfolio and within the specific area of expertise
·         Providing advice on the new emerging areas of engagement and ways to reorient the E&E portfolio and programmes in line with national policies and priorities
·         Formulating UNDP inputs and CO support to national energy, environment, disaster and climate change efforts and programmes
·         Supporting the preparation of climate change reports at the national, state and district levels
·         Participating in international, national, sub-national and inter-agency initiatives related to energy, environment, disaster and climate change issues
·         Ensuring that the concerns of women and marginalized groups are properly mainstreamed in E&E programmes and projects

2.    Provide guidance and advice to Government counterparts and facilitate knowledge building by:

·         Facilitating policy dialogue on energy, environment, disaster and climate change with Government counterparts, civil society and the private sector
·         Identifying areas where UNDP support in the area of E&E may have impact in reaching national goals and priorities
·         Supervising UNDP teams, in collaboration with relevant Country Office units, technical advisers and project staff
·         Analyzing relevant policies and their impact on sustainable development
·         Channeling inputs into national policies on energy, environment, disaster and climate change and related issues
·         Identifying and promoting policy options for sustainable development
·         Contributing high quality inputs into knowledge networks and communities of practice
·         Training and providing capacity development support for UNDP staff and Government officials on energy, environment, disaster and climate change issues

3.    Build and facilitate strategic partnerships by:

·         Developing and expanding partnerships in the area of E&E with UN Agencies, IFIs, Government institutions, bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors, private sector and civil society based on national priorities and UNDP strategic goals
·         Preparing substantive briefs on possible areas of cooperation
·         Producing periodic updates and briefs on country development situation to be used by stakeholders, the CO and HQ
·         Undertaking selected studies/research on emerging issues and concerns that feed into government/development partners' processes

4.    Promote UNDP's mandate on sustainable development outcomes and lowering the risk of natural disasters by:

·         Advocating with stakeholders on sustainable environment and energy for all goals, Hyogo framework goals on reducing the risk of natural disasters, climate change mitigation and adaptation frameworks, and the overall concept of sustainable development
·         Participating in relevant forums, conferences and trainings
·         Producing high quality research papers for presentation at national and international workshops and conferences
·         Contributing to the monitoring and formulation of strategies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
·         Facilitating events and publications on environmental issues

Impact of Results

The key results of the post strengthen UNDP's contributions to the national policy dialogue and development results and enhance the policy impact of UNDP programmes and projects in the area of E&E. In particular, the key results will impact the design of programmes, and creation of strategic partnerships. The post increases visibility of UNDP in the dialogues on energy and environment, disaster risk reduction, climate change and sustainable development.

Advocacy/Advancing a Policy-Oriented Agenda
Influencing the public policy agenda
·         Advocates for the inclusion of UNDP's focus areas in the public policy agenda
·         Brings visibility and sensitises decision makers to relevant emerging issues
·         Builds consensus concerning UNDP's strategic agenda with partners on joint initiatives
·         Leverages UNDP's multidisciplinary expertise to influence the shape of the policies and programmes
·         Demonstrates political/cultural acumen in proposing technically sound, fact based approaches/solutions
·         Dialogues with national counterparts and other stakeholders to strengthen advocacy efforts, incorporating country, regional and global perspectives
·         Demonstrates cultural sensitivity, political savvy and intellectual capacity in handling disagreements with UNDP's policy agenda in order to promote and position UNDP in complex environments.

Client Orientation
Meeting long-term client needs

·         Anticipates constraints in the delivery of services and identifies solutions or alternatives
·         Proactively identifies, develops and discusses solutions for internal and external clients, and perusades management to undertake new projects or services
·         Consults with clients and ensures their needs are represented in decision making processes
·         Advises and develops strategic and operational solutions with clients that add value to UNDP programmes and operations

Conceptual Innovation in the Provision of Technical Expertise
Conceptual Innovation

·         Conducts programme assessments to improve development of models and methodologies
·         Designs policy models to support comprehensive interventions linking UNDP's policy objectives to programme delivery and capacity development objectives
·         Ensures that the design of the policies are appropriate to regional and country social and development context
·         Demonstrates the ability to engage development partners at all levels in conceptual and methodological innovation that is pertinent to the global, national adn local context.

Creating Visibility for UNDP/ Supporting UNDP's Capacity to Advocate
Formulating strategy for creating the corporate image

·         Formulates strategy for the implementation of promotional activities and materials
·         Develops strategies for improved and expanded coverage in the mass media and
·         Designs and initiates assessments of activities to improve impact and effectiveness
·         Develop relationships and contacts with professional networks and high profile advocates

Global Leadership and Advocacy for UNDP's Goals
Influencing global and national initiatives

·         Advocates for the inclusion of development and concerns in the public policy agenda
·         Brings visibility and sensitises decision makers to relevant emerging issues
·         Advocates for increased priority given to human development issues internationally and in national planning frameworks
·         Advocates for increased resources at international and national level
·         Develops strategies to counter challenges to UNDP's principles and goals

Promoting Organisational Learning and Knowledge Sharing
Participating in the development of policies and innovate approaches and promoting their application throughout the organisation

·         Actively seeks and promotes innovative methodogies and leads the development of supporting policies/tools to encourage learning and knowledge sharing
·         Develops or participates in the development of policies and new approaches and participates in training of staff in their application throughout the organisation
·         Promotes UNDP as a learning/knowledge sharing organisation

Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise
Expert knowledge of own discipline

·         Possesses expert knowledge of advanced concepts in primary discipline, a broad knowledge of related disciplines, as well as an in-depth knowledge of relevant organisational policies and procedures
·         Applies knowledge to support the unit's objectives and to further the mandate of the organistion
·         Applies a broad knowledge of best management practices; defines objectives and work flows, positions reporting relationships in such a way as to obtain optimum effectiveness for the unit
·         Keeps abreast of new developments in the area of professional discipline and job knowledge and seeks to develop him/herself personally
·         Demonstrates comrehensivel knowledge of information technology and applies it in work assignments
·         Demonstrates expert knowledge of the current programme guidelines and project management tools and manages the use of these regularly in the work assignments

Core Competencies
·         Promoting ethics and integrity, creating organizational precedents
·         Building support and political acumen
·         Building staff competence, creating an environment of creativity and innovation
·         Contributing to building and promoting effective teams
·         Creating and promoting enabling environment for open communication
·         Support in creating an emotional intelligent organisation
·         Leveraging conflict in the interests of UNDP and setting standards
·         Sharing knowledge across the organisation and building a culture of knowledge sharing and learning
·         Fair and transparent decision making, calculated risk taking

Education/Experience/Language requirements

·         Minimum requirement of Master's Degree in Environmental Science or related fields, with strong research and analytical skills and proven knowledge and experience in energy, environment and disaster issues.
·         10 years of substantive experience at the national or international level. Extensive experience in research and policy-level analysis. Some experience in design, monitoring and evaluation of development projects. Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages, experience in handling of web-based management systems and advanced programmes for statistical analysis of data.
·         Fluency in English and national language of the duty station.

Contract type, level and durationContract type: Fixed Term Appointment Contract level: NO-E Contract duration: Initial period of one year, renewable upon satisfactory performance For more details about United Nations staff contracts, please follow this link:

Additional Considerations

·         Please note that the closing date is midnight Copenhagen time (CET)
·         Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
·         Only those candidates that are short-listed for interviews will be notified.
·         Qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
·         For staff positions UNOPS reserves the right to appoint a candidate at a lower level than the advertised level of the post
·         The incumbent is responsible to abide by security policies, administrative instructions, plans and procedures of the UN Security Management System and that of UNOPS.

It is the policy of UNOPS to conduct background checks on all potential recruits/interns. Recruitment/internship in UNOPS is contingent on the results of such checks.

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