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Programme Manager (Water Resource Management) - Development Alternatives

About the Organization: Development Alternatives is a non-profit organization engaged in research and action for sustainable development. It was established in 1983 and is registered under the Societies Registration Act with the Government of India. Development Alternatives believes that ‘development’, being a dynamic process, is all about evolving inter-relationships between social and environmental factors, particularly interactions between nature, machines, institutions and people. The activities of Development Alternatives Group broadly cover the three primary areas that underlie any form of sustainable development process: the design and large-scale dissemination of appropriate technologies, environmental management systems and effective people-oriented institutions and policies.

Development Alternatives and its associate organizations operate on the philosophy that sustainable development benefits not only the economy, but also the environment and above all the people. The Development Alternatives Group is, therefore, dedicated to bring about a better balance among the basic prerequisites of sustainable development: social equity, environmental quality and economic efficiency.

Development Alternatives believes that the key to achieve this is the creation of sustainable livelihoods in large numbers and that the basis of a better future, and the prime need of our people, is jobs and creation of self-employment opportunities. Jobs that provide a decent income and give meaning and dignity to life, produce goods and services for the local market, do not destroy the environment or the resource base, but bring the poor and downtrodden, the women and the marginalized, into the mainstream.

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Vacancy: Programme Manager - Water Resource Management

About the position

The Development Alternatives (DA), India’s premier environmental organisation based in New Delhi, is looking for suitable candidates to work for its Sustainable Water Management Programme, involved in affordable technology development for safe drinking water and waste water recycling, interdisciplinary research on water and climate change/ecosystem/energy/ sanitation in both rural and urban contexts and policy advocacy based on learnings from the ground level practices and training. Currently the program focus is on:

• State of the art technology research on key water pollutants and their treatment
• Incubation of scalable water and sanitation service delivery models
• Mainstreaming water and climate change concerns into district planning processes,
• Impact studies of watershed programs on Natural Resources and Food security
• Water footprint and resource efficiency studies
• Policy advocacy on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage Systems

Specific responsibilities will include:

- Design and provide Interdisciplinary, evidence based research support to field operations ( ex: water and climate/sanitation and public health/ energy/ ecosystem services etc) on land and water resources management Programs of DA
- Program direction and management
- Fund raising for projects and programs
- Networking with R&D, Academic and policy Institutes
- Organising workshops and training programmes
Develop tools, technologies and knowledge products based on the good practices in water management
- Documenting and designing case studies and process documentation
- Develop training and capacity building modules
- Preparation of technical and policy briefs
- Bring out research publications in reputed journals

Qualification & Experience

- Post graduate or Doctoral degree in water and waste water management (Rural and urban)/ Hydrogeology/ Life Sciences/ Civil / Environmental /Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science or any relevant subject specialization.

- Demonstrated work experience (5-7 years at least) in handling programs around water and climate change/sanitation/ecosystems

Knowledge and skills:

- Advanced applied research skills: technology innovation, sourcing, customization, product design and development).

- Demonstrated writing ability (for example: research report, policy review or short journal article).

- Knowledge building and management

- Strong communication skills.

- Strong resource planning and time management skills

- Managing and leading teams

Please send your CV, current salary, expected salary and application to the Manager HR through e-mail to or mail to Development Alternatives Group, B-32, TARA Crescent, Qutub Institutional Area New Delhi - 110 016, India.

Application Deadline: 30th March 2014

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