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Research Methodology and Documentation Specialist - Finance Department, Government of Odisha

Research Methodology and Documentation Specialist

Finance Department, Government of Odisha

Location: Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Last Date: 10 March 2014

Relevant Sectors: Procurement Management, Outcome Based Budgeting,
                                  Public Financial Management, Monitoring and Evaluation,
                                  Research and Assessment, Documentation, Impact Evaluation


The Finance Department, Government of Odisha has established a ‘Programme Performance & Outcome Monitoring Unit’ (PPOMU) to function as its Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) wing. The PPOMU will be conducting concurrent monitoring and evaluation as well as impact assessment of flagship national and state schemes being taken up by key departments in Odisha.

Role and Function of PPOMU

The activities to be carried out by the unit will include:

(a) Defining the M&E Framework: The PPOMU will define the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework detailing (i) indicators to be measured, (ii) timeline and (iii) tools to be used for doing so for various major schemes.

(b) Facilitate M&E Activities: The PPOMU will be responsible for managing and overseeing concurrent M&E activities. The proposed M&E activities will include:
•           (i)  Periodic Monitoring
•            (ii)  Evaluation
•          (iii)  Impact Assessment

(c) Supporting Outcome Budgeting:The PPOMU will assist departments in preparing realistic outcome budgets, set up monitoring systems to assess the progress and identify course-corrections for achieving the targets.

(d) Documentation and Data Repository:The PPOMU unit will ensure effective documentation of all the M&E activities and shall maintain a repository of essential data on outcome and output indicators.

(e) Information Dissemination: The PPOMU shall take the responsibility of organizing Information Dissemination Workshops facilitated by the Finance Department. These workshops will act as common platforms to disseminate Information

(f) Procurement: The PPOMU shall undertake procurement of services for conducting and contracting services of external agencies/ Individuals who will be involved in undertaking the M&E and assessment activities.

Job Purpose:

Research Methodology and Documentation Specialist will be responsible for maintaining the credibility of research funding through stringent quality checks and document the process and assumptions.

Job Responsibilities:

• Design appropriate research methodology for the evaluation and impact assessment of various schemes;
• Design promotional strategies and related materials to encourage participation and support for research assessment of development schemes.
• Consolidate and improve the research methodology to ensure that the findings are based on a solid methodological foundation.
• Ensure that relevant research methodology is applied and all M&E survey are handled in accordance with established protocols, policies and procedures by the agencies.
• Provide inputs to ToRs in the research and survey requirements, research tools;
• Assuring quality of data collected through Research Agencies, drawing inferences, report writing and ensuring adequate documentation of all research efforts;
• Supervise the data collection process and develop means to systematize and streamline data entry and analysis
• Provide statistical analysis and interpretation of data collected, and construct the monthly/ quarterly/ annual reports.
• Review and regularly update baseline, indicators, tools and data sources around development project performance and accountability.
• Provide technical advice to the PPOMU team on quantitative research methods and statistical analysis and on construction of indices.
• Promote and assist the regular documentation of research and assessments for use by user departments as well as by academicians / research organisations.
• Develop estimates of time and resources for research projects.
• Develop presentations and present information and training sessions to agencies and concerned departments.
• Keep agencies and concerned departments informed on progress through regular reports and newsletters.
• Showcase best practices identified under different programmes within Odisha.
• Help in developing the web-portal for archiving the documents and present the information to help management decision process.
• Undertake any other reasonable duties as may be requested from time to time.

Job Summary:

Job Category: Managerial
Upper Age Limit: 40years as on 1 March 2014.
Department/Group: PPOMU
Experience Required: Minimum 10 years
Travel Required: Yes
Remuneration: Rs. 60,000 - 75,000 Per Month
Type of Job: Contractual
Duration of Contract: 1 year renewable upto 3 years

Selection Criteria

• Post Graduate degree or equivalent  in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics or related field may be considered
• Should possess specialized knowledge of Social Research Methodology.
• S/he should possess expertise in designing sample size and research methodology for evaluating and assessing performance of various development schemes.
• Solid analytical and research skills, both in qualitative/quantitative approaches.
• Good writing skills, writing up research and consultancy reports, as well as other publications.
• Good IT skills including MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point and Access) and ideally a statistical package.

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How to Apply:

• All applications are to be made online at

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