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Project Management Specialist - USAID

USAID/India is accepting applications for the following Foreign Service National (FSN) Personal Services Contract position:

Advertisement No. : USAID/14-02

Position Title : Project Management Specialist

Number of Positions : One

Office : Clean Energy and Environment Office (CLEEO)

Grade : FSN-12

Location : The position is based at New Delhi.

Working Hours : 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm


Master’s degree in Engineering/Social Science/Environment/Business Management or in energy related discipline is required. Higher degree in any energy management or social science fields with understanding of energy markets and reforms, energy regulatory practices and cross-border trade including clean energy technologies and environmental issues is desired.


Seven to ten years of related work experience in institutions working in the energy field required with capacity to design, develop, implement and monitor energy sector activities specifically related to cross-border trade, energy markets development and clean energy application in the South Asia Region. Three to Five years of experience in project management is required. The incumbent should be able to demonstrate professional involvement in a management capacity in the broad energy sector activities to fulfill the requirements of this position.


The Project Management Specialist has both regional and bilateral programming responsibilities, and reports to the Clean Energy and Environment Office’s (CLEEO) Director, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), India.

Broadly, the incumbent’s responsibilities will include:

A. Program Strategy Development & Advisory Services

The incumbent is responsible for formulation of program strategies, including goals, sub-goals, objectives and activities required to accomplish results to improve the performance of the energy sector. Coordinates independently with donors like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, South Asian Governments, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and private sectors in understanding how their policies and programs may affect USAID programming decisions. S/he ensures that USAID’s strategies for the South Asia Regional Initiative (SARI) and the bilateral energy programs are coordinated with that of other U.S. Government agencies working in the region. S/he participates in meetings of other donors, NGOs and the Energy and Foreign Affairs Ministries of the Governments in formulations of their policy strategies.

S/he advises the CLEEO Director and the bilateral USAID Missions in South Asia on energy policy changes in the different countries in the region. S/he, along with the CLEEO Director, coordinates program implementation with the U.S. Embassies and other U.S. Government (USG) agencies in the region to ensure compatibility with the larger USG foreign policy objectives in South Asia.

S/he analyzes data to determine those areas in which USAID assistance would have the greatest impact. S/he engages senior-level decision makers in the energy sectors in each country to discuss critical policy and regulatory issues that impede investment in transnational energy infrastructure and the trade of energy within the region. S/he tracks international and bilateral energy trade, clean energy technologies and environmental policies to analyze their impact on regional energy cooperation. S/he provides broad policy and program guidance to contractors, grantees and cooperators to ensure that SARI activities complement USAID bilateral efforts.

S/he supports policy dialogue on regional energy cooperation, and provides need-based intellectual support to advance that agenda including design and implementation of conceptual frameworks.

B. Project Management and Implementation

The incumbent is responsible for independently managing activities implemented under SARI and the bilateral programs with only general guidance from the CLEEO Director. S/he collaborates with host country counterparts to conceptualize and develop potential projects for USAID assistance and, when necessary, arranges appropriate review by USAID/Washington and other agencies. S/he works with the CLEEO Director in providing programmatic guidance and overseeing the FSN energy managers in the South Asia field missions who act as the country coordinators (CCOs) for the SARI program. S/he takes the lead in guiding the work of SARI CCOs, contractors and grantees and coordinates long-term and short-term technical assistance, training, analysis, exchanges and partnerships, with only general guidance from the CLEEO Director. S/he ensures that SARI efforts complement and are coordinated with USAID bilateral activities in the energy sector in the various South Asian Countries. S/he serves as the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) and Agreement Officer’s Representative (AOR) for various SARI and bilateral implementing mechanisms.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Plays a lead role in developing procedures and guidelines for operations and management.
2. Develops scopes of works for specific USAID interventions and negotiates agreements with Missions and host country counterparts to implement these through the institutional contractors/grantees/cooperators.
3. As required, provide guidance and technical assistance to the SARI CCOs and USAID/Washington regarding energy matters pertaining to regional energy cooperation, energy markets development and clean energy applications.
4. Provides coaching, technical guidance and programmatic directions to Regional Program Management Assistant and the designated SARI CCOs in each of the South Asian field missions, and closely coordinates SARI implementation. Also identifies opportunities for training and staff development.
5. Allocates work and ensures high-quality outputs from the CLEEO’s program management assistant in meeting project documentation requirement and implementation action materials - Project Authorization Documents (PAD’s), Project Implementation Letter (PIL’s) and GLAAS Requisitions, in conformance with USAID regulations, guidance and current policy.

6. Reviews proposals submitted by counterparts and U.S. and Indian firms and individuals to determine compatibility with USAID objectives, and advise on their acceptability. For proposals judged to be feasible and of interest, determines appropriate funding source and initiates funding and implementation.
7. Travels frequently within the region to monitor the progress of various activities across South Asia.
8. Participates in all important program meetings with U.S. Government agencies, missions and counterparts, USAID/Washington, institutional contractors/grantees and provides supervision and guidance in implementation of the decisions of these meetings.
9. Provides management, supervision and guidance to ensure that program outputs are delivered on time and are of the required quality.
10. Approves annual work plans including Task Orders presented by institutional contractors, cooperators and grantees, takes the lead in development of a performance monitoring plan, including strategic objectives/intermediate results indicators.
11. Prepares necessary documentation related to activity approvals, project amendments and procurement of services
12. Monitors the performance of institutional contractors and prepares necessary reports for USAID.
13. Provides technical review and approval of vouchers submitted by contractors and other recipients of SARI assistance to ensure that expenditures claimed are appropriate.
14. Provides directions to contractors, CLEEO’s program management assistant and country coordinators regarding submission of all required reports on schedule, including establishment of systems for information collection and documentation, as needed.

C. Program Evaluation/Coordination and Representation

The incumbent is responsible for reviewing energy programs of other multi-lateral and bilateral donors to facilitate coordination and avoid duplication of SARI activities. S/he monitors trends, current events and players among NGOs, public and private sectors and Government regarding energy and energy-related trade and environmental issues. The incumbent advises various stakeholders and interested parties on SARI priorities and activities. S/he prepares scopes of work to evaluate program progress and performance, initiates action for conduct of evaluation (through USAID or contractors) and prepares post evaluation documentation.

The incumbent establishes productive working relationships with key individuals in the energy sector in the countries where SARI is operational. This includes senior-most leaders and representatives of Governments, private sectors civil societies, academicians, research institutions, media and other stakeholders. The incumbent develops contacts with other institutions and organizations that will be involved with SARI, as well as Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry, The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Secretariat, donor organizations such as World Bank and Asian Development Bank and South Asian Forum for Infrastructure Regulation (SAFIR). The incumbent serves as USAID’s representative at various national and international level energy seminars, conference and workshops. The incumbent meets and assists the representatives of U.S. businesses interested in making contacts with the energy sector representatives in the different countries, where SARI will be in operation. S/he supports the CLEEO Director to develop briefing materials and decision recommendations for the SARI Advisory Board.


Fluency (Level IV) in English is required. Knowledge of local language (Hindi) is desirable.


The incumbent should have thorough knowledge of energy markets and clean energy technologies, cross-border energy trade, power sector regulation and reforms, institutional and policy issues at the international, regional and national levels; thorough knowledge of South Asian countries’ political, legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks with respect to regional trade and cooperation with regard to the energy sector; detailed awareness and knowledge of the working of other donor agencies in the energy sector activities in the region; and a good understanding of the energy sector issues in the South Asian Region.

Ability and Skills:

The required Abilities and Skills include:

Ability to analyze program needs in the energy sector of the region and develop suitable strategies to address the needs.
Excellent negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills and be able to establish productive working relationships with the host government and U.S. Government agencies.

Ability to communicate clearly at all levels within USAID, USG and host country governments.

Ability to provide technical and policy guidance to other project managers and contractors.

Opening Date for Applications : March 5, 2014

Closing Date for Receipt of applications: March 26, 2014 at 1700 hours

To Apply:

1. Interested applicants must apply on Universal Application for Employment (UAE) as a Locally Employed Staff (DS-174) (attached). Please note: Must answer all the questions in DS-174 application form.

You may also click the link below to access fillable version of the above form: Applications not submitted in the specified form will not be accepted.

2. Submit print copies of applications to:

Human Resources
United States Agency for International Development
U.S. Embassy
Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi – 110 021


Electronic Submission to:

3. Applicants must specify the advertisement number and position title in Column 1 of the Employment Form. Applications without reference to a specific advertisement number will not be accepted.


Probationary Period: FSN employees currently serving their probationary period or with less than one year of USG service are not eligible to apply. Employees desiring a change after the initial probation period will be required to be in their present position for not less than 120 days.

Compensation: The selected individual will be compensated in accordance with the Local Compensation Plan for Foreign Service National (FSN) employees.

Applicants living outside New Delhi / NCR should note that if selected for the position, no resettlement travel or housing is associated with the position. It would be the

candidate’s responsibility to travel to New Delhi in a timely manner for the pre-employment clearances.

Age Requirement: Consistent with local law, customs, and practices, the separation/ retirement age for Foreign Service National (FSN) employees is 60 years.

Equal Employment Opportunity: It is the policy of the United States Government to ensure equal employment to all persons without regard to race, color, religion, caste, sex, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

Due to a high volume of anticipated applications, only short-listed candidates will be notified.

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